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Shelli Stein is a health and fitness entrepreneur who travels the world in search of culture, food, and fun! Besides contributing to Travel with Grant, you can find her at Joy in Movement.

13 Hacks for your Southwest Airlines Flights

When you’re an airline loyalist, you tend to know more than those of us who are airline free agents. I’ve been asking people who are Southwest Airlines aficionados what their best hacks are for Southwest Airlines.  So what are the best Southwest Airlines hacks? Here’s what people had to say!

1. First class seats on Southwest Airlines? Many people think the equivalent of a first class seat on the plane is the second row aisle on either side. This is because your time in getting on and off a Southwest Airlines flight is what’s important, not legroom. Some people DO prefer legroom above other advantages, like deplaning quickly. They say the first class seats on Southwest Airlines are the emergency exit seats on the right side as you walk down towards the middle of the plane. These seats usually go first, but if you see anything open, even the middle seat, take it! They are the best seats on the plane and have almost twice the amount of leg room.

2. Not all overhead bins are created equal. Using a roll-on whose shape tapers towards the top, makes stowing wheels out in the very front overhead bins easy. Have you noticed that the very front passenger overhead bins are slightly less deep than the rest of the plane’s stowage as the plane’s nose begins to curve inward just ahead of row 2? This affects the size of the bins. Behind rows 3 or 4, the overhead bins get even smaller. Continue reading

Hawaiian Airlines Announced New Routes from the West Coast

It’s NEVER the wrong time to think about booking a flight to Hawaii! And if Hawaiian Airlines has its way, we’ll be booking flights on their airline because they’ve just announced some new routes. I usually fly on Alaska Airlines when I go to Hawaii, but Hawaiian’s new routes have me looking more closely at their schedule. Especially if next Summer is an option for your Hawaii vacation plans, take a look at what they’re offering!

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London is Giving us all an Excuse to Drink More Coffee!

If you ever needed a reason to keep drinking coffee, especially when you’re in London, here it is! Check out this post: London buses to be powered by coffee. I certainly do my share of creating coffee grounds around the world, so good to see them being put to use. Hope we see this sort of thing more and more.

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Part 3 of the Saga: Southwest Monkey vs. Southwest Airlines

No one likes to be bullied! I’ll let you decide for yourself whether what Southwest Airlines is now demanding of Southwest Monkey constitutes bullying or not. The saga unfortunately continues (part 1 and part 2) as Southwest Airlines now wants them to remove any evidence that they ever existed.  See their latest blog post.

Hard to put yourself in their position, but what would you do?

Are You A Semper Gumby Traveler?

If you travel enough, there are times when all goes wrong. Heck, even if you travel once in awhile, all going wrong is still possible. And then of course there are varying degrees of all going wrong! No matter what, though, flexibility can save your trip. I think we’d all agree that travel tests your mindset. Have you heard the phrase “Semper Gumby”? It’s a take-off on the Marine Corp slogan “Semper Fi”. Semper Gumby translates to “always flexible” because it relates to the animated character Gumby. I love this phrase and it’s become my travel motto. No matter what trip I’m planning, I spend a lot of time thinking and planning the trip. And yet, many times the trip won’t go exactly as planned. I find that my Semper Gumby mindset definitely increases the likelihood that I’ll still have a positive experience.

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