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Earn 12% Cash Back at Ebates – 12 Days Till Christmas Promo (Bonus Cash Back at 500+ Stores)

Good evening everyone, I hope your week is going well.  I was doing some online shopping and spotted a new promotion on Ebates called 12 Days Till Christmas with 12% cash back at 500+ stores through Wednesday at 11:59pm PT.  If you are not an Ebates member, sign up for a free account (my referral link – thank you) and receive a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase.

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Imoova has $1/Day Car, RV & Campervan Rentals (Vehicle Relocations)

Many years ago, (I’m not saying how many), I needed to get from the west coast to Boston. A friend and I took what I think back then was called a Driveaway car. Someone paid a company to get their car across the country and the company looked for drivers. We weren’t paid; we covered the cost of gas, had a set amount of time for the car to arrive at its destination, and off we went. Now there seems to be a trend for rental vehicles that need to be relocated, both for seasonal reasons and also because some routes are more popular in one direction than the other. The rental car companies offer directional specials, hoping to encourage people to rent and go against the flow and bring the vehicles back for them. It’s a supply and demand issue for them.

There’s a new website that I came upon called Imoova. It searches and has details for these one-way rentals. It seems you can find yourself paying as little as $1/day for a vehicle. Most of their listings are in New Zealand and Australia, but they have a few in the US and plan to grow further. If you have flexibility in your travel plans, this might save you money. What interested me the most are their RV relocation deals (Grant relocated an RV from Los Angeles to Denver with TransferCar). And some of their campervan deals looked good, too.

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My AMEX Offer Experiences: Google Express ($50 GC for $30) & Office Depot ($50 GC for $40)

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  If you still need to do some holiday shopping, today is a great day to get your shopping done.  Today is Green Monday and many stores are offering deals.  Plus, don’t forget to earn cash back today – Ebates is offering double cash back at 600+ stores today only.  In other news, if you have the Google Express AMEX Offer (spend $50 or more and get a $20 statement credit) or the Office Depot AMEX Offer (spend $50 or more and get a $10 statement credit), I have some data points to share regarding my experiences with those 2 AMEX Offers.  These AMEX Offers came out a few weeks ago, so check your AMEX account to see if you have either of these offers available.  Let’s start with the Google Express AMEX Offer.

Google Express allows you to shop at many different stores (including Staples) and check out once through Google Express.  Luckily for me, Google Express has gift cards for sale through Staples.  I linked the AMEX Offer to a few of my AMEX cards and purchased a few gift cards to give as gifts.

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Green Monday is Live at Ebates – Earn Double Cash Back at 600+ Stores

Good evening everyone, I hope your weekend is going well.  I finally used my MoviePass card for the first time yesterday to watch Wonder – it is a great film and one I really recommend.  I just received the following email from Ebates regarding Green Monday.  Technically, Green Monday is tomorrow (Monday, December 11), but if you can’t wait that long, you can start your shopping now at Ebates.  They have 600+ stores offering double cash back from now through Monday at 11:59pm PT.  If you are not an Ebates member, sign up for a free account (my referral link – thank you) and receive a $10 bonus after your first $25 purchase.

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Misleading Park Hyatt 3rd Night or 4th Night Free Ad in Departures Magazine (Warning: Rant)

When I feel a rant coming on, at first I second guess myself. Is what I’m experiencing really rant worthy? Would other people rant about this too? Once I’ve answered YES to those 2 questions, I rant :) So here we go. Oh Hyatt, I have such a love-hate relationship with you. But this week, you’re making me mad! Maybe I’ve misread you or misunderstood your intention, but I don’t think so. And now I’m asking our readers to back me up or tell me I’m wrong. We shall see.

It all started when my Departures Magazine came. I was flipping through it and noticed a Hyatt ad for their Park Hyatt hotels. You all know I love the Park Hyatt properties and this year alone I had two amazing Park Hyatt stays (Buenos Aires and Milan). So of course the ad caught my eye. What really caught my attention was that the ad was a Special Offer for a complimentary third or fourth night at participating Park Hyatt hotels. Hmm, this could be a chance to plan a trip to try some Park Hyatt’s I haven’t stayed at yet.

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