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Free Apple 4K TV 32GB with 3 Months of DIRECTV Now Purchase (Possibly $48 by Stacking Deals!)

Okay… pretty cool deal to get an Apple TV 4K 32GB for a grand total of $83 (possibly even $48 and get DIRECTV Now free for 3 months!)  You can order a maximum of 2 per household, just use a different email address.  DIRECTV Now is running a promo where if you pay for 3 months of service, they will give you a free Apple TV 4K 32GB (MSRP $179). If you choose the lowest DIRECTV Now package of $35 a month, you will pay $105.

If you shop through BeFrugal, you can get $22 back for signing up for DIRECTV Now. If you don’t have a BeFrugal account, I would sign up for one first, close the window, then click the link below. If you don’t already have a BeFrugal account, I would appreciate it if you signed up with my referral link.

Start here at BeFrugal and click the Get Coupon button next to this offer: Get a 4K Apple TV (32GB) for $0. The DIRECTV Now promo is for 3 months now, not 4 months.

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How to Signup, View & Activate Chase Offers (Currently Only Available for Marriott & Slate Cardholders)

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Chase and Visa have created a new program called Chase Offers that is currently available to all Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Cardholders and all Chase Slate Credit Cardholders.  The Chase Offers program was rolled out in mid November, but since I recently converted my JPMorgan Chase Ritz Carlton Credit Card to the Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Card, I am now eligible to signup, view, and activate Chase Offers.

Chase Offers are very simple.  Sign into your Chase Offers account, link merchant specific offers to your credit card, make a qualifying purchase at that specific merchant, and receive cash back as a statement credit to your credit card. Creating a Chase Offers account is free and easy, just click here to get started.  If you have the Chase Slate Credit Card, the steps will be the same, but you can click here.

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Chase Hyatt Credit Card Targeted Offer: Earn up to 4,000 Bonus Points (Expires March 31)

Good afternoon everyone, I just received the following email from Chase regarding my Chase Hyatt Credit Card.  Chase is sending out targeted offers where you can earn up to 4,000 bonus Hyatt Points if you complete all the requirements by March 31, 2018.  You will receive 500 bonus Hyatt Points for every transaction that is $1,000 or more, on the first 8 transactions for a total of 4,000 bonus Hyatt Points.  If you make 8 x $1,000 transactions on your Chase Hyatt Credit Card, you will receive 8,000 Hyatt Points for 1x spending + 4,000 bonus Hyatt Points for a total of 12,000 Hyatt Points on $8,000 in spend, for a return of 1.5x Hyatt Points per dollar.  You must click the link in the email to register for the promo.

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2 Product Change / Conversion Options for JPMorgan Chase Ritz Carlton Credit Card

Good morning everyone.  A few days ago, the $395 annual fee posted to my JPMorgan Chase Ritz Carlton Credit Card.  A few months ago, I wrote this post: Should I Keep Both Chase Sapphire Reserve & JPMorgan Chase Ritz Carlton Credit Cards?  In that post, I basically decided that the $300 travel incidentals credit and unused Ritz Carlton perks were not worth the $395 fee.  So when the $395 annual fee posted on my JPMorgan Chase Ritz Carlton Credit Card, I knew I had to call Chase and see what options were available.  I didn’t bother asking for a retention offer since I probably spent about $350 on the credit card during the past year, and $300 of that was reimbursed due to the travel credits.  Instead, I asked the JPMorgan Chase rep what my conversion options were.  He said there were 2 credit cards I could convert to…

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My Credit Card Retention Calls for AMEX Business Platinum, Chase IHG & Chase Hyatt

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  I apologize for not writing much lately, but I do have a few posts in the pipeline, they just take a while to get all the necessary details and dates.  Anyway, my December credit card statements just closed and a few of my credit cards had annual fees that posted.  Most of the time, I have already mentally decided if I will keep a credit card or cancel way before the annual fee posts, but even if I mentally decide to keep a credit card, I still call and see if there are any retention offers available.  It never hurts to call, the worst that can happen is that they say there are no offers, and if you never ask, you will never receive.  During this round of retention calls, I called regarding my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card, Chase IHG Rewards Credit Card, and Chase Hyatt Credit Card.  Here is how those retention offer calls went…

Retention Call 1 and 2: American Express Business Platinum Charge Card

I called American Express on Wednesday afternoon and told the rep that the $450 annual fee just posted on my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card and I wanted to close the card, but before I close the card, I wanted to see if there were any retention offers available.  She put me on hold for a few minutes, but then said that the department that was responsible for retention offers was really busy and that I should call back at a later time.

I then called back Thursday morning and told the second rep the same spiel.  He put me on hold for a few minutes to check my offers and came back with no offers.  I told him I put a lot of spend on my no annual fee American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card (true) and earned lots of Membership Reward Points on that card and put very little spend on my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card (true), so why did I need both cards?  I told him I get good value out of the $200 airline incidental credit and occasionally visit the Centurion Lounges, but that did not justify paying the $450 annual fee.  He asked me what type of offer I was looking for and I said statement credits to offset the annual fee.  He didn’t have any statement credit retention offers and said that I could redeem my Membership Reward Points for statement credits.  No… that was not what I wanted.  He said he would transfer me to that department and then I hung up in annoyance.  Ugg, I will hold on to this card until get another AMEX Plat.  I’m currently eyeing the 60,000 point signup bonus on the American Express Platinum Charge Card from Charles Schwab.

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