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Earn up to $120 in Uber Credit with Citi Double Cash Credit Card

Updated 9am PT on 10/15: Promo details now show up in the Payment Rewards section.

Good morning everyone, happy Friday.  I just got this email from Citi, so it might be targeted, but if you have a Citi Double Cash Credit Card, you can earn up to $120 in Uber credit when you pay with that credit card for UberPool rides.  You need to add the promo code to your Uber account (which I will show you below) and then pay for your next UberPool ride with your Citi Double Cash Credit Card.  After that ride, you will earn $15 in Uber credit which you can apply to your next UberPool ride (or maybe to Uber or UberEats, I’m not sure).  You can do that up to 8 times to earn $120 in Uber credit.  Sounds pretty good to me, since most good Uber promos are just for first time customers.

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3 Ways to Track Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Credit Card Spending Toward Free Weekend Night Certificate & Diamond Elite Status

Good morning everyone, I hope your weekend is going well.  During my OC Travel Meetup last weekend, I learned that there are several ways to track your spending on the Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Credit Card.  I was only aware of the old school way (exporting data and opening Excel to add up the charges), so I am happy to share the much simpler and faster ways to track your spending.  There are 2 main reasons for tracking your spending on this credit card – you get a free weekend night certificate when you spend $10,000 during your cardmember year; you will earn Hilton Diamond Elite Status when you spend $40,000 during your cardmember year.  Unfortunately, American Express will be the sole issuer of Hilton credit cards starting on January 1, 2018, so it is still unknown what will happen to Citi Hilton credit cards.  If your annual fee is billed before January 1, 2018, you should still get the perks of spending on your Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Credit Card.

With all the said, let’s get started with the first and probably the easiest way to track your Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Credit Card spending.  Sign into your Citi online account and click on your Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Credit Card account.

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Singapore Airlines Partner Award Chart for Alaska Airlines Flights (Sweet Spots to Hawaii, Canada & Mexico)

Buenos dias everyone. As first reported by Scott at Travel Codex, Singapore Airlines’s Krisflyer loyalty program has released a partner award chart for flights on Alaska Airlines. It seems confusing at first, but once you understand the full picture, it makes more sense.

Alaska’s route map is split into five zones:

  • Zone 1: West Coast
  • Zone 2: Mountain West and Canada
  • Zone 3: Midwest
  • Zone 4: East Coast, Southeast, Cuba, Costa Rica, and Mexico
  • Zone 5: Alaska and Hawaii

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7 Things to do in New York City (First Day of Fall Edition)

Autumn is here! I’m definitely biased, but in my opinion, Fall is hands down the best season in New York City. With the leaves changing, holidays vastly approaching, pumpkin spice everywhere and, most importantly, the weather is finally cooling off. Although this Summer in New York City was fairly mild, it was still overbearingly warm and humid. With Fall here, the weather begins to cool down which makes being outdoors much more pleasant. Here are 7 things to do as we close the chapter on Summer and welcome Fall with open arms.

1. Explore Central Park

Central Park is a hot spot every season, but especially in Fall. The leaves begin to change to the most beautiful multi-color shades, fall to the ground and make great piles to toss in the air and watch them sprinkle down. You’re transported from a bustling city to a calming oasis. For an even more special view of New York City, rent a rowboat at the boathouse for $15 an hour (seats 4).

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in New York’s Central Park. Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/166703623678724252/

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Unboxing My New Metal Citi Prestige Credit Card

Happy Unboxing Saturday, everyone! I received a black book-sized package in the mail and left it sitting around for a few days. It was non-descript, so I had no idea what it was… until today. It was my new metal Citi Prestige Credit Card! I had totally forgotten that Citi was replacing the plastic ones.

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