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Targeted US Bank FlexPerks Offer: Spend $500, Earn 2,000 Bonus FlexPoints

Good morning everyone, I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  I was boring last night and did a mini American Horror Story TV marathon (don’t watch that show if you get scared easily!).  This morning, I was checking my credit card accounts and stumbled onto this promotion for my US Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card.  This offer might be targeted, but to see if are eligible for the promotion, click here (you will need to sign in or join the FlexPerks Promo page).  Once you register for the promotion, you will earn 2,000 bonus FlexPoints (worth up to $40 in travel) when you spend $500 or more between November 1 and December 31.  This is a pretty good and simple offer, so I will definitely participate.  Only purchases made between November 1 and December 31 will count toward this promotion, so you will need to wait a few days.

If you have a different US Bank FlexPerks credit card, I do not believe you are eligible for this promotion, but there might be a similar promotion available to you.  If you see a different promotion, please let me know in the comments section.  Thank you.


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US Bank FlexPerks Go Mobile App Review: Geolocation, Travel Alerts & Virtual Wallet Features

Good morning everyone.  Yesterday afternoon, I received a few emails from US Bank regarding a new feature called Geolocation Service.  According to the email, “Geolocation Service verifies your mobile phone is in close proximity to your credit card, reducing the risk of card declines while traveling.”  Here is the email I received from US Bank:

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FlexPerks Visa Signature Card

PSA: Do not Activate your 12 New Gogo Wifi Passes from your US Bank FlexPerks Visa Signature Credit Card Immediately

Warning: Read this entire post before doing anything with Gogo, otherwise you will make the same mistake I did!

Good evening everyone, I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend.  Tonight, let’s talk about complimentary Gogo Wifi passes.  I just received an email from Gogo about my 12 new complimentary Gogo Wifi passes that come annually with my US Bank FlexPerks Visa Signature Credit Card.  There are many FlexPerks credit cards from US Bank, but this is the only FlexPerks credit card that *currently* comes with this cardmember benefit (I suspect other FlexPerks credit cards will add this feature soon).

To see when your current Gogo Wifi passes expire, sign into your Gogo Wifi account.  I don’t fly on Gogo-equipped aircraft very often (I’m a Southwest Airlines flyer), so I only used a few of my Gogo Wifi passes over the last year.  All of my current Gogo Wifi passes are set to expire on October 22, 2016.

To make sure you do not miss this email, the subject line is titled, “Important details about your Visa Gogo In-Flight Wi-Fi Benefit” and the email sender is “gogo@e.gogoair.com“.  If you did not receive the email, it might be related to when you originally signed up for the Gogo Wifi passes last year.  Based on the expiration date of my current Gogo Wifi passes, the email comes around 6 weeks before expiration.

Gogo Inflight Email

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Forget Chase Sapphire Reserve! Apply for US Bank FlexPerks & Ameriprise AMEX Platinum before September 1

Good morning everyone.  I think the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card hype is dying down a bit.  Unfortunately, I am way over 5/24 and I have no pre-qualified offers, so it looks like I won’t be getting the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card anytime soon.  I’m a glass half full kind of guy, so I am always looking for the next best thing.  There are 2 other cards that I am applying for now.

The first is the US Bank FlexPerks Business Edge Visa Credit Card.  Thanks to the awesome performance by Team USA, the current sign up bonus is 34,800 FlexPoints after spending $2,000 in 4 months.  The sign up bonus is great and the minimum spend amount is quite easy.  The sign up bonus is the same for the personal version of the credit card – US Bank FlexPerks Visa Signature Credit Card.  I already have that credit card (along with the US Bank FlexPerks American Express Credit Card), so the business version is the only one I am going after.

US Bank Olympics Promo Landing Page

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New AMEX Offers (Enterprise, Lumosity, etc), Chime Card Offers, BankAmeriDeals & 2 Targeted Credit Card Offers

Good morning everyone, I have a few new AMEX Offers to share.  The only 2 that really interest me are Enterprise Car Rental ($20 off $200) and Lumosity ($10 off $50).

Here are the 4 other AMEX Offers I spotted in my account:

  • Sunnyland Farms: $10 off $50
  • For Your Party: $20 off $100
  • ReStockIt: $5 off $10
  • Roy’s Restaurant: $20 off $100

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