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How to Cancel 1 Passenger on a Multi-Passenger Southwest Airlines Reservation

Good morning everyone, I hope your weekend is off to a great start.  Yesterday, I wrote a post about the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass and shared how long it really takes from the time you make your first purchase to when the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass posts to your Southwest Airlines account.  Today, I will share how to cancel 1 passenger on a multi-passenger Southwest Airlines reservation.  Generally, if you book several passengers on the same Southwest Airlines reservation, you will all have the same record locator.  That is nice and convenient when checking in, but it posses a problem when you want to cancel or change just 1 passenger on the reservation.  If you try to cancel just 1 passenger on the reservation, it will not be possible.  Southwest Airlines’ website will only let you cancel the entire reservation.  In this post, I will show you how to cancel just 1 passenger on a multi-passenger Southwest Airlines reservation.

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How Long Does the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass Take to Post After Your First Purchase?

Good morning everyone, I have some exciting news.  My girlfriend just got her Southwest Airlines Companion Pass and I am her companion!  I’ve had the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass in the past, but never a travel companion.  I used to joke that getting the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass was easy, but finding a companion was the hard part.  Anyway, since we live in California, she was eligible to sign up for a Chase Southwest Airlines Plus Credit Card, make a single purchase, and get the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass.  The way the promotion read sounded like after you made your first purchase, your Southwest Airlines account would immediately reflect the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I checked her Southwest Airlines account every day, so I know exactly how long it took for the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass to post to her account.  In this post, I will share the timeline of events and show you how to set up your Southwest Airlines Companion Pass.

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13 Hacks for your Southwest Airlines Flights

When you’re an airline loyalist, you tend to know more than those of us who are airline free agents. I’ve been asking people who are Southwest Airlines aficionados what their best hacks are for Southwest Airlines.  So what are the best Southwest Airlines hacks? Here’s what people had to say!

1. First class seats on Southwest Airlines? Many people think the equivalent of a first class seat on the plane is the second row aisle on either side. This is because your time in getting on and off a Southwest Airlines flight is what’s important, not legroom. Some people DO prefer legroom above other advantages, like deplaning quickly. They say the first class seats on Southwest Airlines are the emergency exit seats on the right side as you walk down towards the middle of the plane. These seats usually go first, but if you see anything open, even the middle seat, take it! They are the best seats on the plane and have almost twice the amount of leg room.

2. Not all overhead bins are created equal. Using a roll-on whose shape tapers towards the top, makes stowing wheels out in the very front overhead bins easy. Have you noticed that the very front passenger overhead bins are slightly less deep than the rest of the plane’s stowage as the plane’s nose begins to curve inward just ahead of row 2? This affects the size of the bins. Behind rows 3 or 4, the overhead bins get even smaller. Continue reading

Part 3 of the Saga: Southwest Monkey vs. Southwest Airlines

No one likes to be bullied! I’ll let you decide for yourself whether what Southwest Airlines is now demanding of Southwest Monkey constitutes bullying or not. The saga unfortunately continues (part 1 and part 2) as Southwest Airlines now wants them to remove any evidence that they ever existed.  See their latest blog post.

Hard to put yourself in their position, but what would you do?

Southwest Monkey Shuts Down after Southwest Airlines Cease & Desist Letter

A few weeks ago, I let you know about a great new website that allows us to track our Southwest Airlines flights for price drops. It’s called Southwest Monkey. Since that post went live, I’ve been in touch with Pavel, one of the creators. Why? Because I received an email from Southwest Airlines informing me that they had filed a “cease and desist” letter with Southwest Monkey. Not totally unexpected, right? Big corporation, little monkey :(

I contacted Pavel to see what was going on. Here’s what he told me as of a few days ago:

“As you know, we have been approached by Southwest Airlines to close down the service in a form of a few “cease and desist” letters (I believe you have gotten at least one of them). We had until last Wednesday to shut down, but as you can see, we have not complied with the request. We have posted a blog post on our website — https://www.swmonkey.com/blog/cease_desist/ — that explains what happened. We are trying to raise awareness of Southwest bullying and public information issues.”

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