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How to Request Mexico Tourism Tax Refunds for Mexican Citizens, Residents & Transiting Visitors

Buenos dias!

If you or someone you know has a Mexican passport or resident card, they might be leaving money on the table when they purchase airline tickets to/from/through Mexico.

When you purchase a plane ticket to Mexico, the fare has a tourism tax built in – similar to US customs and immigration fees.  This fee goes toward the cost of immigration processing and the arrival / departure card required for foreign visitors. The fee is 390 Mexican Pesos, which is roughly $20 USD.

Screenshot from ITA Matrix showing the Mexico tourism tax

Screenshot from ITA Matrix showing the Mexico tourism tax – exchange rate as of December 18, 2016.

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My Outrageous 2017 Travel Predictions + Reader Ideas Needed

Good morning everyone, I’m sorry for the delay, but I have been diligently thinking about my 2017 travel predictions.  I am going to channel my inner Nostradamus to come up with some outrageous travel predictions for 2017.  Doctor of Credit has a good resource for all other 2017 travel predictions.

Disclaimer: I have made some travel predictions in previous years and I am more often wrong than right, but that losing streak has not dampered my prediction spirit.  To see how bad I am at making predictions, please read A Look Back at my 2016 Predictions (Airlines, Hotels, Credit Cards & MS).  I consider myself an optimistic pessimist (I prepare for the worst, but hope for the best), so these travel predictions will sound depressing.


  • Southwest seems bent on making the Companion Pass very difficult to get unless you fly Southwest every week.  I believe credit card signup bonuses will no longer count toward the Companion Pass and Southwest might kill the whole concept of the Companion Pass entirely or switch to a certificate program similar to the Alaska Airlines companion fare or Virgin America companion ticket.
  • Other airline credit cards will adopt the Alaska Airlines companion fare (you pay full price and your companion pays up to $120) or the Virgin America companion ticket (you pay full price and your companion pays full price minus $150).

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New Writer Q&A with Will (The Tactical Traveler)

Good morning everyone, here is the third Q&A post from my new writers.  If you missed the first two, I highly recommending reading Tonei’s Q&A and Whitney’s Q&A.  I hope you are all enjoying the extra content this month, I have been very pleased with all the great blog posts and ensuing comments.  Hopefully there will be plenty more to come in the new year as well.  My next Q&A is with my friend Will…

Hello Travel with Grantians…my name is Will and I have agreed to become one of Grant’s new blog contributors! I am going to write under the pen name, The Tactical Traveler.

I met Grant through reading his blog and conversing via email, and eventually met him in person at an FTU (Frequent Traveler University – a travel conference) in Dallas. Grant and I have since become good friends, have traveled together, and met up at multiple travel conferences (Grant even spent the weekend at my house).

Hanging out in Amtrak sleeper car from Denver to San Francisco. Grant (left), Nigel (middle) and Will (right)

Hanging out in Amtrak sleeper car from Denver to San Francisco. Grant (left), Nigel (middle) and Will (right)

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Southwest Airlines Gift Card Balance Checker Broken – Here is the Fix

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  I had a great weekend-long road trip with brother down to Salinas, then Pismo Beach to ride ATVs on sand dunes, then up to King City, then hiking at Pinnacles National Park, and then wandering around the Winchester Mystery House trying not to get lost.  Anyway, I recently purchased a few Southwest Airlines egift cards and I wanted to check their balances before adding them to my travel spreadsheet.  Like I’ve done many times before, I went to the Southwest Airlines website and clicked the “Southwest gift card” link in the footer.


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PSA Reminder: Check Existing Southwest Airlines Reservations; I Rebooked & Saved $66

Good morning everyone, happy Wednesday.  I know I sound like a broken record over here, but always check existing Southwest Airlines flights for price drops.  If you see a price drop, you can rebook for free online and instantly get a travel fund credit good for future Southwest Airlines flights (if you booked with Southwest Airlines points, you can instantly get the difference in points redeposited back to your Southwest Airlines account).  Here are a few similar posts if you want to see how much money I have saved rebooking Southwest Airlines flights over the last few months:

Today’s rebooking spree (3 price drops to 11 existing reservations) resulted in a total of $65.99 saved.

Southwest Airlines Travel Funds 7-20-2016

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