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Which 10 Credit Cards am I Considering for my March App-O-Rama?

Good morning everyone, happy Thursday.  My last App-O-Rama (where I applied for several new credit cards at the same time) was back in mid December 2016.  I usually wait 3+ months between App-O-Ramas, so the time has come to start my next round of credit card applications.  I am going to list the credit cards I have in mind in the order in which I will probably apply for them.  If you have any feedback on my strategy or think I am missing or applying for the wrong credit cards, please leave a comment below. Without further ado, let’s begin…

1. American Express SPG Business Credit Card – 25,000 SPG points after spending $5,000 in 90 days and an additional 10,000 SPG points after spending $3,000 in 120 days.  No annual fee the first year, then $95 in the second year.

With the impending merger with Marriott, this might be my last opportunity to apply for the SPG business credit card.  I can’t pass up this opportunity. 35,000 SPG points are worth ~$700 in hotel nights and airfare (and possibly much more).

2. Bank of America MERRILL+ Credit Card – 50,000 points after spending $3,000 in 90 days.  No annual fee.

Doctor of Credit reports that you can apply for this credit card over the phone.  50,000 points is worth $500 cash or up to $1,000 toward airfare. Continue reading


Email Address Issues Regarding clearXchange Network Payments from Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America

Updated 8pm PT on 8/3/2015: revised title of the post to make the title more relevant and specific to the issue.

Good afternoon everyone.  A few days ago, I received a Chase QuickPay payment from my friend.  It was my first time receiving a Chase QuickPay payment and I thought it would be a very simple, straightforward process of accepting the payment and having the funds get deposited to my Chase Total Checking account.  Unfortunately, the process was not very simple, but with a quick fix, the problem was resolved.  After clicking the Log In button from the Chase QuickPay payment email, I logged into my Chase account.

Chase Quick Pay Payment Email

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Chase, Wells Fargo, and other Banks Create Voiceprints from Calls to Prevent Fraud

Which Credit Card

Chase, Wells Fargo, and other Banks Create Voiceprints from Calls to Prevent Fraud

Starting soon, you may hear the following message when you call your credit card company: “This call may be monitored, recorded and processed for quality assurance and fraud prevention purposes.”  The statement is slightly different than the usual, “This call will be monitored or recorded…”  According to a CNBC article published a few hours ago (link), credit card companies (especially Chase and Wells Fargo) are investing in “voice biometric technology to screen calls for signs of fraud.”

The banks can compare the voice on the phone to previously recorded and analyzed phone calls to determine if it is actually you on the phone, rather than an identity thief impersonating you.  The system is even able to recognize voices and determine if they are blacklisted for previous attempts at fraud.   Continue reading