Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward Points to Non-Chase Partners

Before you do anything with your Chase Ultimate Reward Points, please read all the steps to see if it is worth it for you.  Assuming you have Chase Ultimate Reward Points, I will show you how you can transfer them to other non-transfer partners.  First things first, you need to log into your Chase Ultimate Rewards account.

Chase UR Mall Home

Then click the Point Transfer tab.

Chase UR Mall Partners Home

Here are all the current Chase Ultimate Reward Transfer Partners.  I will show you how you can transfer points to other partners not on the list.


The Amtrak and Approach

Click Amtrak Guest Rewards.

Chase UR Mall Amtrak Transfer

Start by transferring 1,000 Chase Ultimate Reward Points to your Amtrak Guest Rewards account.

Transfer UR to Amtrak

Verify your account details and click Transfer Points.

Transfer UR to Amtrak 2

Congratulations, your 1,000 Chase Ultimate Reward Points are now 1,000 Amtrak Guest Reward points.

Transfer UR to Amtrak 3

You will get an email from Chase that says the transfer was successfully completed.

Transfer UR to Amtrak 4

If you log into your Amtrak account, you will see 1,000 points in your account.

Amtrak Account Before

Now, go over to (sign up link) and add your Amtrak account to your account.  You will see Amtrak Guest Rewards with a 1,000 point balance. Amtrak Before

Click the Trade, Exchange & Buy tab at the top of the page, click the circle to move out of a program, select Amtrak Guest Rewards, type 1000, and click search now. Amtrak Search

Skip this section.  You do not want to pay money to trade points with other people. Amtrak Search Part 2

Here is where you will see all the free exchanges you can make between your frequent flyer programs and other loyalty programs.  As you can see, the exchanges are not very good. Amtrak Search Part 3a

More possible exchanges. Amtrak Search Part 3b

… and more possible exchanges. Amtrak Search Part 3c and Amtrak will not let you move less than 1000 points at a single time. Amtrak Search Not 500

This is what 1000 Amtrak points will get you:


1000 Amtrak
296 Delta
593 Hawaii
296 JetBlue
329 United
425 Aeroplan
637 Asia Miles
395 Life Miles
348 Frontier
425 Iceland
637 IHG



An Alternate Approach through Hyatt

We are going to start at the beginning again, but this time, we will transfer Chase Ultimate Reward Points to Hyatt instead.

Chase UR Mall Hyatt Transfer

Continue with all the usual steps and head over to your Hyatt account after you have made the transfer.  Click the Hyatt Gold Passport tab in the upper right corner.

Hyatt Home Page

Then click Convert Points to Miles.

Hyatt Transfer to Miles

Here is where you can convert your Hyatt Gold Passport Points to frequent flyer miles in a wide range of domestic and international airlines.  It takes 2.5 Hyatt Gold Passport Points to create 1 frequent flyer mile, with a minimum conversion of 5,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points.

5,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points / 2.5 points/mile = 2,000 frequent flyer miles.  At the bottom of the page, there are a few exceptions where you will get more than 2,000 frequent flyer miles for each transaction.  If you want the absolute best transfer ratio, you can convert 50,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points into 25,000 frequent flyer miles.

Convert Hyatt to Miles

The table below shows how much 5,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points would get you for all of their frequent flyer mile partners.  I then divided that number by 5 to show how much 1,000 Hyatt Gold Passport Points would be.  Lastly, I compared the number of frequent flyer miles created by this transfer with the Amtrak / transfers above.

The dark gray boxes represents Chase Ultimate Reward Partners.  You are better off transferring Chase Ultimate Reward Points directly into those partner accounts.


Hyatt 5000 Hyatt Pts 1000 Hyatt Pts Amtrak
Aeromexico 4000 800  
Air China 3200 640  
Air France/KLM 2000 400  
All Nippon 2000 400  
American 2000 400  
Amtrak 2000 400 Chase Partner
Asia Miles 2000 400 637
Asiana 2000 400  
British Airways 2000 400 Chase Partner
China Airways 2000 400  
China Eastern 2000 400  
Delta Air Lines 2000 400 296
Emirates 2000 400  
Etihad 2000 400  
Hawaiian 2000 400 593
Japan 2000 400  
Jet 2000 400  
Korean Air 2000 400  
LanChile 4000 800  
Lufthansa 2000 400  
Qantas 2400 480  
Qatar 2000 400  
Royal Brunei 2000 400  
Singapore 2000 400  
South African 2000 400  
Southwest 2400 480 Chase Partner
Thai Internation 2000 400  
United 2000 400 Chase Partner
Virgin Atlantic 3000 600 Chase Partner



Is it worth it?

If you are starting at 0, then you would be losing a lot of value by transferring Chase Ultimate Reward Points around, but if you are close to being able to redeem for an award (say, a few hundred or thousand miles short), then it would probably be worth it to you.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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14 thoughts on “Transfer Chase Ultimate Reward Points to Non-Chase Partners

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  2. ed

    It’s useful to see the Amtrak vs Hyatt comparison, esp to see when Hyatt wins by default.

    Would be even more useful if you also showed it against 1k direct transfers from SPG. For example, I know JL is a partner of SPG, but some other guys might not be, therefore Chase via a Hyatt intermediary might be one of the only options.

    1. Grant

      I’m not sure, I haven’t tested this method in a few months.

      It should still work. Just check yours account and see how much 1,000 Amtrak points can get you.

  3. Kevin

    What about booking a hotel stay with UR points via travel portal OR transfer to Hyatt and then book a hotel…which is a better use/value?

    1. Grant

      It depends. You will earn stay/night credit if you book through UR Mall. But it might cost more than using Hyatt Points. Can you give me an example of price vs. Hyatt points?

  4. oldporkchops

    Hello Grant,

    I like your posts. They are detailed and to the point. And one thing that distinguishes you from most other travel bloggers is that you bother to answer reader questions. I came here and read your other posts because Cathay is the only airline that would allow four/five stopovers, which I have. Any insight you can share would be most appreciated.

    Here’s the desired routing: SIN-LHR, LHR-YYZ, YYZ-DSM, DSM-BHM, BHM-SFO, SFO-SIN.

    I count four stopover cities: LHR, YYZ, DSM, BHM, and SFO with one of them being the “destination”.

    I have a little under 200k SPG points, and almost zero Citi points. Some UR points. I have some United points but that’s a moot point because they don’t allow that many stopovers, which is critical for this trip. How can I maximize my transfers to Asia Miles?

    Also, which OneWorld partner do you suggest I use to book this trip in a way that would minimize miles spent and fuel surcharges?

    Many thanks in advance!

    1. Grant

      Good morning, I’ve never booked a Cathay Pacific flight but I have some suggestions. You best bet would be to call Cathay Pacific and ask if the routing you want is legal. Then ask how many miles would be required per person. Then ask if they can hold the award for you while you transfer points into Asia Miles. I believe SPG transfers to Asia Miles. Move 20k SPG into 25k Asia Miles. Therefore you should have 250k Asia Miles if necessary.

      Each One World alliance airline may have their own rules when booking Cathay Pacific flights. Each may allow a certain number of stops and charge a different number of miles per person. I would talk to American Airlines and Alaska Airlines and see what is possible. Good luck!


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