Random News: Many AMEX Offers (Uber), Citi Late Fees and AA Food Discounts, Discover It 5% Cash Back Targeted Promo, $30 Tabbed Out Promo, $50 Alaska Airlines Discount Promo, and Office Depot 33% Off Coupon

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AMEX Offers

Random News: Many AMEX Offers (Uber), Citi Late Fees and AA Food Discounts, Discover It 5% Cash Back Targeted Promo, $30 Tabbed Out Promo, $50 Alaska Airlines Discount Promo, and Office Depot 33% Off Coupon

Good morning everyone, here are some random news articles worth mentioning…

The blogosphere is going crazy about the Uber AMEX Offer (Spend $10+ get $10 AMEX statement credit).  Read Frequent Miler’s post to learn how to maximize this promo using multiple AMEX credit/charge cards and buying Uber egift cards.  Make sure to read the comments as well, since the Uber gift cards can only be bought from some Uber accounts.

Uber AMEX Offer

Following Greg’s advice, I synced all my AMEX Cards and bought a $25 Uber egift card.  I immediately got the notification on my iPhone and the email confirmation.

AMEX Uber Email

Shortly after that, I received 2 emails from Uber.

Uber Gift Card Email

Uber Gift Card Email 2

In the second email, there is a PDF that has your Uber egift card card.  I really love the $25 Uber cash graphic that they developed!

Uber $25 Gift Card Certificate Paper Money

Other AMEX Offers worth mentioning:

Delivery AMEX Offer BCBG AMEX Offer Henri Bendel AMEX Offer

In other news, I missed a payment on my Citi Forward credit card.  I am such a ____ (insert any word you want).  Citi charged me for a late fee, interest charges, would not let me make any more purchases on the card until payment was received and froze my Thank You account.  After sending a Serve bill payment to pa my Citi Forward credit card, I tried to call Citi and make sure everything was good to go.  I was told that they were experience lengthy wait times.

A trick I like to use it to call a different credit card number from the same bank, preferably one of their “premium” credit cards.  In this case, I called the number on the back of my Citi AA Executive Card and was speaking with a rep in under 2 minutes.  She was able to view my Citi Forward account.  I asked to have the late fee removed since it was my first late fee and she said that I would see the $14.14 statement credit on my next statement.  I didn’t bother asking about removing the interest charge.  I will follow up when my next statement closes.

Citi Late Fees and Interest

When I fly, I *always* buy the cheese and crackers plate.  It makes me feel special and makes the flight more enjoyable.  I bought 2 cheese and crackers plates on my recent American Airlines trip to Chicago for the FTU Advanced travel conference.  If you use a Citi AA Credit Card, you get 25% off in-flight food and beverage purchases.  On my statement, I got the 25% statement credit.  For the record, I think the cheese and cracker plate on Alaska Airlines is better than the cheese and crackers plate on American Airlines.

Citi AA Food Purchases Rebated

If you have a Discover It Credit Card, you should check out Shawn’s (Miles to Memories) post about a targeted 5% cash back promotion.  I choose Walgreens since I can spend $1,000 in Walgreens in 5 minutes :)

Discover 5 Percent Walgreens Offer

I recently wrote about TabbedOut (link) and there is another promo.  Close 3 tabs and get $30 back.  Learn more about the promo from the guys at Maximizing Money (link).

Tabbed Out 3 Tabs $30

If you have a Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card, you might have gotten this targeted offer.  Spend $500 at certain categories and get $50 off a future Alaska Airlines flight.

Alaska Airlines $50 Off Coupon Code Email

Using the Visa Supplier Locator Tool (link), I was able to easily determine which nearby business are eligible based on the MCC codes listed in the Terms and Conditions.  I will probably load up on some Visa or Amazon gift cards.

*To be eligible for this offer, your account must be open with charging privileges and you must activate this offer by December 31, 2014. You will receive a $50 flight discount code on future travel if from the date you activate this offer through December 31, 2014, you make purchases of $500 or more at merchants which are assigned one of the following specified merchant category codes (“MCC”): Department Stores (5311), Electronics Stores (5732), Computer Software Stores (5734), Hobby, Toy and Game Shops (5945), Book Stores (5942), Sporting Goods Stores (5941) and Sports Apparel, Riding Apparel Stores (5655), each an “eligible purchase” for this offer. Please note that this list does not include MCC(s) commonly assigned to large discount retailers that are often referred to as “big box” stores or “superstores”. Although we do not determine which MCC a merchant chooses to classify itself, merchants are generally classified based upon their primary line of business. Purchases made at merchants that do not process transactions under these codes, credits, returns, adjustments, purchases of cash equivalents, fees, interest charges and fraudulent transactions will not qualify. We reserve the right to verify eligibility of all transactions. If your account is converted to a different rewards program or to a card without a rewards program during the offer timeframe, the offer is no longer valid. Allow up to 12 weeks from the end of the promotion for the $50 flight discount code to appear in your Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan™ online account. You must use ‘My Account’ to access the $50 flight discount code at www.alaskaair.com/myaccount. The discount code can only be used on Alaska Airlines flights and is not valid on partner airlines. The $50 flight discount code expires on 12/31/15.

Last but not least, I received an email due to joining a class action lawsuit against Office Depot (for who knows what).  As a “reward,” they send out discounts for shopping at CA Office Depot stores.  Lots of exclusions, but if you can use the coupon, be my guest!

Office Depot 33 Coupon

That’s it for me.  If you haven’t taken my quick poll regarding future blog posts, please do so.  Thank you.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day!

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      1. alex

        cool … and from what i’m reading no hard pull to get the card. might get one finally … after months of reading how you use yours!

        1. Grant

          Yes, no hard pull. You will need to upgrade your personal PayPal account to a Premier or Business PayPal account in order to get a PayPal Business Debit Card. It is awesome!

          1. Ram

            Awesome. I signed up uber using your link. I see 1 free ride in my account but can’t see $30 credit.. Thanks

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