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TransferCar Part 4: Epic RV Journey through California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado

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Good morning everyone, welcome to Part 4 (last part, I promise) of my TransferCar RV rental experience.  A few months ago, I learned about TransferCar and wrote an introduction post about the service.  A few weeks after that, I had the opportunity to book my first one way RV rental from Los Angeles to Denver.  The following week, my brother and I embarked on a 6 day, 1,789 mile journey through 5 states.  In this post (late by 2+ months), I will share some of the pictures from our epic journey.  If you want to learn more about TransferCar, please read parts 1-3.  My brother used a GPS app on his phone to track our progress from Los Angles to Denver.

RV Roadtrip Map

We didn’t do anything special on our drive from Southern California to Las Vegas to South East Utah.  When we finally arrived in Zion National Park, we went on several amazing hikes and witnessed many stunning views.  Our first stop was to The Subway, where the rock walls are worn down by running water over millions of years, making a subway-like tunnel in the rocks.

Subway Water Hike Zion National Park Utah

After that, we did one of the most challenging/dangerous hikes.  We hiked to the top of Angel’s Landing.  The hike is only 5.2 miles round trip with a 1,500 foot elevation gain, which doesn’t sound too difficult, but don’t be fooled.  Near the top, there are chain rails that you can use to pull yourself upwards.

Angel's Landing Hike Zion National Park

When we reached the top of Angel’s Landing, we witnessed amazing views of the canyon floor.  Even though the hike was excruciating at times, it was well worth the time and energy.

Angel's Landing Viewpoint Top Zion National Park

After leaving Zion National Park, we drove through Bryce Canyon.  Stunning sunset views of the rocks and cliffs.  Snow was still present in late March.

Bryce Canyon Sunset Mountain National Park Utah

Several natural arches are easily view-able from the main road.  We only spent 2 hour driving through Bryce Canyon, but I want to come back during warmer months to explore more.

Bryce Canyon National Park Arch Utah

Our next stop was Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona.  Stunning blue/green views of the Colorado River below.

Horshoe Bend Colorado River Arizona

Close by was Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon with beautiful yellow, orange, and red rocks.  Bring your camera and take hundreds of pictures of various colored rocks.  Warning: there will be lots of other camera-wielding tourists.

Upper Antelope Canyon Page Arizona

Along the Arizona and Utah state border, you will see Monument Valley, full of wonderful sandstone buttes jutting out of the desert floor.

Monument Valley Arizona Utah Border

Near Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, is the Corona Arch.  Check out this YouTube video of a giant rope swing from the top of the arch.

Corona Arch Moab Utah

We drove through the Colorado Rockies and saw some beautiful snow-covered mountains.

Snow Covered Vail Colorado

When everything was said and done, we drove a total of 1,789 miles (odometer reset at 1,000).

1789 Miles Driven in RV

After turning in our RV, I bought tickets to the Denver Nuggets basketball game in the Pepsi Center and bought good seats behind the basket for around $20 each.

Pepsi Center Denver Nuggets Colorado

On Saturday morning, we did one more hike in Boulder, Colorado, up to the Royal Arch in the Flatiron Mountains.  The hike is 3.2 miles round trip with a 1,200 foot elevation gain.

Flatiron Mountain Arch Boulder Colorado

On Saturday night, we went back to the Pepsi Center to watch the Colorado Avalanche hockey game.  We literally sat in the top row, but the views of the game were awesome.  Tickets bought the same day were around $30 each.

Pepsi Center Colorado Avalanche

Unknown to us when we bought the tickets, that game was Star Wars Night and Darth Vader made a special announcement to the crowd.

Pepsi Center Star Wars Night

That is the end of our epic adventure from California to Colorado.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone.

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11 thoughts on “TransferCar Part 4: Epic RV Journey through California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado

    1. Grant

      My trip was from Saturday afternoon to Friday afternoon. 6 nights total. It depends what day/time the receiving RV or rental car lot is open. My place in Louvierre’s (outside Denver) was only open during the week, so I had to drop it off on Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday. 3 days is not long enough to enjoy the trip.

        1. Grant

          I think the relocation requests are seasonal and I think this time of year is not the right time for CA to CO relocation requests. Keep checking though.

  1. Yeshu

    Grant, I am going to Zion national park next month. Can I do the Angel’s landing on my own? (traveling without any friends). Any specific advice (esp. pertaining to safety)? Thanks in advance.

    1. Grant

      You can definitely do it by yourself. There will be plenty of other people hiking as well. I would go early in the morning before it gets too hot, bring lots of water and snacks to give you energy and take it easy.

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  3. Rohan Gillett

    One day, I want to experience America’s national parks and do some hiking there. But Angel’s Landing? No, thanks! I’ll skip that one as even the picture scares me lol. Give me the rest though!


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