Holiday Inn Club Vacations Las Vegas Timeshare Presentation: 3 Nights for $199 or 4 Nights for $200

Good morning everyone, I have yet another timeshare presentation / vacation package to share.  This is in addition to the 5 Nights Hyatt Residence Club Ka’anapali Beach Timeshare Presentation and the Westin Vacation Package on Maui that I wrote about a few weeks ago.  This time, the location is Las Vegas at the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Desert Club Resort.  The deal is for 4 days / 3 nights + 10,000 IHG Points (~$70 value) for $199 + taxes/fees + 2 hour timeshare presentation.  But… if you act fast, you can get an extra night for only $1.  That’s a total of 5 days / 4 nights + 10,000 IHG Points (~$70 value) for $200 + taxes/fees + 2 hour timeshare presentation.

IHG Vacation Club Las Vegas

As part of your timeshare presentation, you will have an exclusive “VIP Preview” of the Holiday Inn Club Vacations Desert Club Resort.  To view this timeshare offer, please click here (works in Google Chrome Incognito, but not regular Google Chrome for me – maybe an adblocker issue).

IHG Vacation Club Las Vegas 2

Here are the state disclosures at the bottom of the page.

IHG Vacation Club Las Vegas Timeshare Details

Here are the full timeshare presentation requirements: 23 years old or older, $50,000 annual income, gainfully employed (not retired or unemployed) and creditworthy.  As far as I know, none of these timeshare presentations verify any of this information, but if they ask, you better have a good answer.  There are a few blackout dates, which are important to keep in mind if you are considering attending the timeshare presentation (Full PDF terms).

IHG Vacation Club Las Vegas Timeshare Terms

Why did I receive this email offer?  I am a Chase IHG Credit Card holder and have IHG Platinum status from the credit card.  I stay in IHG hotels probably 2-4 times a year.  The link above should work for everyone and you can contact the number listed on the timeshare page for more information.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

P.S. If you attend the sales presentation, just keep saying no and be prepared to leave at the 2 hour mark.  These salespeople are not your friend and you probably know more about the IHG loyalty program than they do.  Buying timeshares directly is often a terrible idea, but there are some decent offers available on the secondary market if you do your research.  Good luck!

19 thoughts on “Holiday Inn Club Vacations Las Vegas Timeshare Presentation: 3 Nights for $199 or 4 Nights for $200

  1. smitty4971

    I got a targeted offer from IHG for properties in Orlando and Myrtle Beach SC. No interest in either, but if you were looking to travel to either place, it would be a great deal. I’ve never had to sit through an actual presentation. I’ve had a couple of instances in the past, where I’ve been talking to the guys before the presentation, and the guys told me I didn’t have to sit through it. I’ve been in sales for 30+ years, so maybe it was some sort of “honor amongst thieves”, professional courtesy or something.

  2. Greg

    Enduring that 2 hour timeshare preview is like getting a root canal without anesthesia. It is much easier to just rent a few nights from

    1. e*

      IHG’s are really not bad at all. They were not pushy like other timeshare presentations, it wasn’t painful, just slightly boring, but they were punctual (I even got out with 10 minutes to spare)!

  3. e*

    I did the IHG Desert Club in Las Vegas timeshare promo in January! Back then it was 3 nights free. :)

  4. Henry

    I’m interested in your thoughts on Desert Club as a resort. I was interested in them before HIVC bought them out.

    If you’re interested in reviewing the full spectrum I can send you a referral for a Marriott TS package. I’m a legacy MVCI weeks owner.

    1. e*

      Hey Henry! What does the referral for the Marriott timeshare package entail? I’m going to Vegas in August and in January and always looking for more timeshare presentations to take advantage of. I’m also a blogger, so I can write up a comparison. Message me if you’d like, thanks! :)

  5. Arial Prince


    I got targetted for Wyndham Timshare Presentation. For 199 $, I got 4 days/3 nights at any of Wyndham list of resorts. Also they will give me 300 $ amex card at the end of timeshare . Also, I have 2 years to use it.

  6. Arial Prince

    This is the way it went. I have Wyndham Visa and I called them for some question. They transferred me to Timeshare desk and they offered me 3 nights/4 days for 200 $ and give me 200 $ back in AMEX. Had Expirty date of 1 year . I had 10 days to cancel it if I decided to. on 9th day, I called to cancel, they asked me why ? I said, I may not be able to use it in 1 year, so then they extended my offer to 2 years and also told me , I will get 300 $ amex now instead of 200 $. So I took it. I got all that in writing in email.


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