4 Days / 3 Nights in Orlando, Florida for $349 at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orange Lake Resort (Timeshare Presentation)

Good morning everyone, I have another quick deal that might interest you if you have plans to visit Orlando, Florida in the next few months.  I just received an email from Holiday Inn Club Vacations (the timeshare division of IHG) for an offer of 4 days / 3 nights at the Orange Lake Resort for $349 + tax.  If you want an extra night, book by March 10, 2017 and pay an extra $100.

HIVC Orlando Orange Lake Resort Timeshare

To participate in the offer, all you need to do is call (844) 263-0199 and mention VIP code IHG Email 0316 or complete the information below and a Vacation Counselor will contact you to set up your getaway and VIP preview.  If you want more details about the timeshare offer, please check out the landing page.

To be eligible for the timeshare presentation, you must meet these requirements:

Eligibility. No one is excluded from visiting our property or purchasing a timeshare. You must meet certain financial qualifications and attend a two-hour sales presentation (tour) in order to participate in this promotion. If you do not attend the full presentation or are disqualified at the time of the tour, the difference between the special package price and the retail rate for the applicable property at that time, or $300 (whichever is greater) plus premium cost and taxes, will be charged to your credit card. Minimum qualifications: at least 23 (twenty-three) years of age, household income of $50,000 USD (the combined income of unmarried couples living together can be used to determine “household” income), gainfully employed (not to exclude retirees or the disabled with household income as described above) and creditworthy. You may not be in bankruptcy at the time of the tour. You must present a personal major credit card (prepaid cards not accepted) and identification such as a valid U.S. driver’s license, valid U.S. state identification card or valid passport at time of sales presentation. If married or cohabitating, couples must attend sales presentation together and must present the aforementioned identifications (cohabitant’s identifications must contain matching addresses).  (Full details are here)

I have done all the cool things there are to do in Orlando (all 4 Disney parks, both Universal Studio parks, Busch Gardens, and even Gatorland), so I am not planning a trip back to Orlando anytime soon. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a gator great day everyone!

P.S. Last October, I attended 2 timeshare presentations in Hawaii.  Read about my experience here: Profiting from 2 Timeshare Presentations in Hawaii (Secret: Attend, but do not Buy!)

Grant on an alligator at Gatorland (Orlando, Florida)

Grant on an alligator at Gatorland (Orlando, Florida)

10 thoughts on “4 Days / 3 Nights in Orlando, Florida for $349 at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orange Lake Resort (Timeshare Presentation)

  1. Sharon

    They really pressure you at the timeshare presentation at this resort, so be prepared if you go. Other than that, the resort is easy drive to Disney World. You can also book a two-bedroom-two-bath unit here for 35k IHG points.

    1. Grant Post author

      Thanks for the warning. I have heard horror stories from other timeshare properties but have never felt high pressure at any of mine. Just be strong and keep saying no, you don’t owe them anything. Remember, if it was as good a deal as they say it is, they wouldn’t need to sell them so aggressively.

  2. Carl Black

    So one can pay $116/night booking directly with them or ~$131.66/night with a mandatory presentation. Am I missing something? Thankfully it’s really easy for me to pass on either option. :)

  3. Gene

    I have the same package, but my cost was $278. However, after attending the presentation, I will get a $100 voucher for use at any IHG, a $100 cash rebate, and 10,000 IHG points. Signed up this past fall, have 2 years to redeem.

  4. Gene

    I was mistaken see below…
    Destination: Orlando
    Amount Received: $279
    Your getaway includes: 5 days and 4 nights at An IHG Family Brand Hotel $179 cash back + 20,000 points+ $100 rebate

  5. JR Flamm

    Hi Grant, just booked this package on 1-5-19
    3 nights for $250, with $250 cash refund after 2 hour timeshare(Orange Lake Resort) presentation. Max taxes are $126. So $42 or less a night? I’m game! Staying at “Holiday Inn and Suites Across from Universal Orlando”

    Just say no thank you? 1st time attending one of these…

    1. Grant Post author

      Taxes and parking are probably your only charges. When the presentation starts talking about money, just say no. If you are polite, they will be polite to you. Have a great trip!


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