Introducing the Peet’s Coffee Peetnik Rewards App + Free Drink After First Check In

Good morning everyone!  I’m really excited because Peet’s Coffee (my favorite coffee / tea chain) finally released the new Peetnik Rewards program!  In this post, I will show you everything you need to know about the Peetnik Rewards App, available on iOS and Android.  You earn 1 Peetnik Rewards Point per visit and you will receive a free drink after earning 15 points.  You also get a free drink after your first check in (I will show you how that works later in this post too) and a free drink on your birthday.  Here is the email I received from Peet’s Coffee this morning.

To learn more about Peetnik Rewards, click the the information icon in the upper right corner.  Every time you visit Peet’s Coffee, click the Check In button to earn a Peetnik Rewards Point.  After you check in for your first time, you will get a free drink.  If you have your Peet’s Coffee gift card linked to your Peetnik Rewards App, you can pay with the gift card through the app when you check in.

To view your current Peetnik Rewards Points, click the Peetnik Rewards image in the center of the screen.  After you get 15 Peetnik Rewards Points, you will earn a free drink.

To check in, click the Check In button and scan the QR code when you are at the counter of your local Peet’s Coffee.

After you check in, you will see a new Peetnik Rewards Point.

To pay with your Peet’s Coffee gift card, click the Peet’s Card button, then click the gift card icon and scan the QR code at the counter of your local Peet’s Coffee.

To view your transaction history, click the person icon in the upper left corner and then click Account History to view your recent transactions.  You will see your Peetnik Rewards activity as well as your Peet’s Coffee gift card transactions.

After you check in for your first time, you will receive an email from Peet’s Coffee with a free drink.

To view your free drink, click the mail icon at the bottom and then click the USE button next to the free drink message.  Scan the QR code at the counter of your local Peet’s Coffee to receive your free drink.

If you have any questions about the new Peetnik Rewards App, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

P.S. Shelli calls me BCM (Bear Claw Man) because I always get a bear claw with my chai tea latte :)

P.P.S. Shelli was an original Peetnik until she became a coffee snob and started writing her World Coffee Tour reviews.

17 thoughts on “Introducing the Peet’s Coffee Peetnik Rewards App + Free Drink After First Check In

  1. NB

    What a convoluted and poorly conceived app. I love Peets when in the Bay Area but this all seems too complicated.

    When in the UK, I use the Cafe Nero app. Essentially, it generates a QR code, with which you pay and which also adds a token toward your free coffee. One touch rather than lots.

  2. Kiki

    Thanks for the drink, Grant! I just passed this on to the 4 teens in my house right now. Peet’s should give you free coffee and bear claws for life. ☕️

    1. Grant Post author

      Peet’s Coffee HQ, are you listening? I would gladly take free bear claws and chai tea lattes for life.

      Enjoy the app, Kiki :)

  3. Carl

    Thanks for the great tip, Grant! I admittedly also have a fondness for Peet’s. I was excited a few years ago when they announced that the Atlanta-area Caribou locations would be converting to Peet’s, but they backed away from that brand-swap plan and sadly just closed several of the stores and kept the remaining handful as Caribou. By contrast to Peet’s, where whole milk is the default, Caribou does not have a single container of whole milk in the building. But I digress. Now I’ve got the app so I clearly need to head west. :) (plus I was just reminded that I was in Emeryville a year ago today)

    1. Grant Post author

      Man, it’s been a year already since you were in the Bay Area! Time flies. Hope to see you out here again soon (and for a Peet’s drink).

      1. Carl

        Oh, I’ve also been a few times since. :) Just was reminiscing since I’d just been reminded of last year’s memory. It was actually last fall that I visited the Peet’s at Emeryville Public Market for the first time, which I guess is their flagship. There were quite a few eateries there that hadn’t yet launched, so I’d like to go check that out again. I just won’t likely be staying at that Hyatt House again (though the newer Hyatt Place under separate ownership gets high marks in my book).

    2. Shelli

      HI Carl, I used to enjoy Caribou and even had a classic Caribou t-shirt back in the day. Caribou has no whole milk—BOO:) If you get up to the Boston area, Cambridge (Harvard Square) has a lovely Peets. It’s a nice light space and there are tables outside, as well. They staff is good, too. Just wanted to add my 2 shots worth!

      1. Carl

        Hey, Shelli! Thanks for the reminder that Peet’s isn’t strictly a west coast concept. They have a number of locations in Chicagoland as well.

        1. Shelli

          Most welcome, Carl. One of my all time favorite locations is actually in Carlsbad CA, north of San Diego. It’s in a great spot, with great outdoor seating and an amazing sunset view even though it’s not on the ocean. It’s right across from a Trader Joes, too. Good combo! Not likely a location a visitor to the area would go to, but you never know. Would be fun for you to stop in to the original location in Berkeley. You’ll see that Alfred Peet’s original concept was for people to take away beans and go make coffee at home. It’s a very small space. Have a great day, Carl!

          1. Carl

            As if I needed another reason to visit Carlsbad! :) That’s somewhat near the Omni La Costa, so maybe that’s a nudge to visit there sometime. It would be cool to see the original Berkeley location as well, though I realize it may be underwhelming compared to modern cafes (kinda like the Pike Place Starbucks, which had a similar design: focus on beans and no tables).

  4. r m a h

    i’m a caveman. i don’t have a cell phone!!

    any way i can still get in on this via a computer??

    thanks! i love peet’s!

    1. Grant Post author

      Yes, even cavemen deserve delicious Peet’s coffee! According to the Peetnik Rewards FAQ section:

      4. I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still participate in Peetnik Rewards?
      Absolutely. You can participate in Peetnik Rewards if you do not have a smart phone by signing up at Then, use your phone number to check in every time you make a purchase in-store. Simply tell the Team Member assisting you that you would like to check in with your phone number. Please note: you cannot use your phone number to pay with a digital Peet’s Card. You can view your points and current offers in the “My Account” online at any time by logging into your account at

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  7. Carl

    Just following up allll these months later to say thanks again for this post. Although I’ve been in Peet’s cities since the app launched, I hadn’t been close enough to walk to a location. That changed this weekend during my stay at the DoubleTree Portland. The Diamond Breakfast benefit ($18) here is generous, but the accompanying coffee (supposedly locally-roasted) is terrible. Like so many hotels, it’s classically underbrewed with tap water. Ugh. No worries, though, as I knew Peet’s had sent me a free coffee in the app, so that was worth the short walk through Lloyd Center over to NE Broadway. Using the app for the first time, I scanned the QR code to check in, and the barista asked if I’d like to use my free drink. I got a mug of their delicious Gaia Organic Blend, which was freshly brewing when I ordered. As soon as I sat down, I noticed that my free drink for my first check in had been added to my account. There wasn’t (and hours later, still isn’t) any email notifying me of the award. I also didn’t earn a point for the check-in. I noticed in the FAQ that is says check-ins when redeeming a free item don’t earn any points, so I guess that’s why. Anyway, aside from those two things, it worked very much like you described. I look forward to returning tomorrow to enjoy a free large espresso beverage.


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