A Million Thanks to Million Mile Secrets

Back in 2013, Daraius posted an interview on Million Mile Secrets with a new-on-the-scene young blogger. Having read the interview again, so much about Grant’s enthusiasm is still going strong, even though he now has “a real job and doesn’t travel as much”. But this post isn’t about Grant. It’s about expressing our appreciation to Daraius for all he has given to the points/miles community and wishing him well as his journey continues.

Grant met Daraius many times at Frequent Traveler University (FTU) and Chicago Seminars. I’ve never met Daraius in person……yet. However, in early 2012 I did start an email friendship with him when he answered a question I had about British Airways Avios. Then in 2013 I actually wrote a blog post for MMS, and I said to him, “I can’t believe you do this everyday. Wow, it’s hard!” It amuses me that fast forward five years later, and yes, I do this everyday :)

Daraius (Million Mile Secrets), Drew (Travel is Free) & Grant at the Chicago Seminars

Daraius and I have checked in with each other from time to time to share our interests in philosophy, Yoga, our spiritual journeys, and inspiring books we’ve read. He’s warm, funny, smart, and above all, comes from the heart. Both Grant and I wish him ALL the best wherever his journey takes him. He still hasn’t taken me up on my offer to come to San Diego for coffee and conversation, but I’m always hoping he will. May the wind be at your back, my friend!

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  1. Christine

    Where is he going? His was the first blog I ever read and have travel so many places for so little. Did I miss an announcement?


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