Visiting Vancouver, British Columbia? Here’s What You Need To Know!

There are some places that are wonderful to visit any time of year, and they become an even more spectacular destination during the summer months. With the high travel season upon us, one of my favorite cities has been on my mind. I’ve been to British Columbia during all different times of the year. In Vancouver, I’ve slogged through slush and snow during December, and ventured out at midnight in freezing weather to see the New Year’s Eve fireworks. I’ve walked through Stanley Park in the most gorgeous October weather when the trees were in full fall foliage colors. And I’ve had the Grouse Grind hike on Grouse Mountain totally kick my butt as I finished it with mud all over my clothes, yet with a smile on my face. Vancouver is an amazing destination any time of year! With summer upon us and many travelers heading up to British Columbia, I wanted to bring together all the blog posts I’ve written about Vancouver so you’ll have an easy time using them when you’re planning a visit.

Seaplane in Vancouver Harbor

In my Bean Around The World coffee series, I was thrilled to be able to share my tips and favorites for where you might want to enjoy a great local coffee experience.

Cortado at Timbertrain Coffee

As far as I’m concerned, walking is THE WAY to see Vancouver. I have so many favorite walking loops I enjoy, but I couldn’t write about them all. I did put together in-depth recommendations for two walks that I consider MUST DO walks when you’re in Vancouver. One goes through Stanley Park and one is a more urban walk. Whether you do one of them or both, you’ll see lots of sites, nature, and neighborhoods. And you will log lots of kilometers, too!

Third Beach in Stanley Park

Even after all the traveling I do and the many, many Hyatt hotel lounges I’ve experienced, I’m still very partial to the Hyatt Regency in Vancouver. I have been to many Hyatt hotels since I wrote my review of the Regency, so while the lounge can’t compete with many of the lounges in Hyatt properties throughout Asia, I still choose the Regency in Vancouver for anyone who asks me for a hotel recommendation.

If I’m paying cash for my hotel stay, I always use Pruvo to monitor for price drops! The location can’t be beat and the hotel and lounge staff are great. I stay there at least once a year, and I always come away from my time there pleased with my choice.

When people ask me about visiting Vancouver, it’s always fun to construct an itinerary for them. Here’s what I suggest!

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So there you have it. This information is what I would want if I were visiting Vancouver for the first time and looking for a starting point for what to see and do. Heck, even for the umpteenth time visiting Vancouver, this would all still be helpful! If you’ve got ideas to add, let me know.

5 thoughts on “Visiting Vancouver, British Columbia? Here’s What You Need To Know!

  1. Kalboz

    Thanks for the tips on visiting Vancouver.

    We have been frequenting that great city/region since 1990s. To include a little adventure, I’d add an excursion to Capilano Suspension Bridge just 15-minute drive north of Vancouver. Ferry trip to Vancouver Island to visit Victoria and its beautiful harbor, the imposing Empress Fairmont Hotel, and to watch the seaplanes taking off and landing. Great city, friendly people, lively party scene, and many things to do.

    The Vancouver Hyatt Regency is an excellent property and as you mentioned with great location on Burrard close to Vancouver Harbor (where you can also watch seaplanes in action), Robson Square ice rink, shopping, and dining, Vancouver Art Gallery, etc. We got upgraded to a huge suite (#3308) on the top floor during our last two stays. Breakfast can be had at the 2nd floor restaurant if you ask the lounge staff for vouchers (I believe you have to be Globalist for this benefit but it doesn’t hurt to ask). Parking could be expensive for paid stays ~ CAN$51.00 daily parking charge. One of the hotel managers provided us with a website for better parking rates nearby to avoid the charge:

    Our photo impressions of the Hyatt Regency Vancouver:

    1. Shelli Post author

      Thanks for adding so much to the conversation, Kalboz. Your out-of-the-city-center ideas are spot on. Also, taking a tour IN a seaplane is really special. Glad you like the Hyatt Regency. It’s one of my favorites. The staff is great and very helpful, I agree.

  2. Kalboz

    You are very welcome!

    Also, I forgot to mention that their dollar equals 77 US cents, so automatically you get 23% discount everywhere – or, it seemed like it. It was only 73 cents when we were there in April. :)

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