Why I’m Giving the New SPG Luxury Card a Pass

I’ve been on the fence about whether or not to apply for the new Amex SPG Luxury card and I’ve finally decided to pass. I’ve been a long time Amex customer and have had both the SPG personal and business cards for many years. I used them both, and put as much spend on them as I could. For years all my non-bonused spend went on the personal SPG card and the business card saw heavy use, too.

I really appreciated the Sheraton lounge access that came with the business card. SPG was for many years my number one hotel chain and until the SPG/Marriott merger, SPG was always in my top two. I’ve had multiple amazing SPG hotel stays on four continents.

I never got to Platinum status but did maintain Gold year after year and always felt my Gold status was acknowledged in many generous ways. The merger with Marriott was not one I would have voted for, but then my vote didn’t count :) My SPG cards came out of my wallet and my last Sheraton stay was 8 months ago.

Maybe I’ll Upgrade

Before giving the new SPG card a pass, I thought maybe I’d upgrade to it, especially after hearing about the potential upgrade bonus points people were receiving. After checking, my offer was zero and the highest offer amongst my family members was 15k points. Another pass.

Perks I’m Passing Up

Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean you should, right? What compelling reasons could I come up with for getting the new card with a $450 yearly fee and no loyalty to Marriott beyond spending down the almost 200k points I now have with them? The perks that come with this card such as Gold status, Priority Pass membership and Global or TSA Precheck fee credit I already have with other cards. Don’t need the free night.

I know the $450 yearly fee can be offset by $300 in statement credits, but that still leaves me with a fee each year. And it’s not a card I see keeping long term. I’ve got points in other hotel chains (Hyatt, Hilton, IHG, Club Carlson) to use and I still get tons of value from my Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit.

Final Thoughts

Sure, if you’re a Marriott customer and Marriott properties are in your top two hotel chains, then this new card can be a good fit for you. I know my choice is not likely the choice for many, but I think it’s always good to flesh out reasons why or why not we apply for specific credit cards when the credit card issuers bait the hook!

Any of you make the same decision I did? If you got a better upgrade bonus than I did, are you going for it?

4 thoughts on “Why I’m Giving the New SPG Luxury Card a Pass

  1. YoLaViajera

    Same here. I’m totally passing on this card. My Amex Business Plat gives me tons more perks. Also, the bonus on this new card isn’t great. I thought they’d be giving more points — 100,000 Marriott points is only 33,333 Starpoints, and you’re still paying that huge $450 AF. I’m still trying to find where to use a travel package I bought last week. In the end, once I use up all my Marriott points, I’ll stick to Hyatt, which is by far my favorite hotel brand, even with its limited footprint.

    1. Shelli Post author

      You added a whole other paragraph to the post, and I totally agree!! Good points. I really was disappointed in not even getting a nibble from Amex to upgrade my card. Enjoy your weekend, YLV, and thanks for adding your two starpoints to the topic :)

  2. LeoM

    Personally, all three Amex’s give little value, maybe the SPG Business could be a keeper for the category spend, maybe. Applying for the signup bonus only and because I have the Ritz now. So paying $150 for 100,000 points I guess. I may keep it longer hoping they add club access to the Luxury and if I find value in the 50,000 point free night.
    Of all cards, Ritz-Carlton is the one they gives the most value imho. None of the other Marriott cards can beat it’s benefits and perks.

    1. Shelli Post author

      Hi Leo, You’ve thought your choice through, so it makes good sense. If they extend club access with the luxury card a lot of people will apply for it. That might have even swayed me. We shall see how this card works it way through the Amex line-up. Thanks for reading!


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