How To Get Free American Airlines Miles from AwardWallet

Do you use AwardWallet? of course you do! But did you know that if you have an AwardWallet account you can earn American Airlines miles for free? Well not exactly free, because it will take a minute of your time. But it’s as close to free as can be. This is the perfect way to either top up your American miles quickly, or extend the expiration of your AAdvantage account.

I had no idea this option existed until a reader commented on a post outlining the best ways to keep your American miles from expiring. Always something to learn, and readers make great teachers! After two readers left comments about this I wanted to check to make sure it was on the up and up, so I contacted AwardWallet. Yup, totally on the up and up.

AwardWallet set this up in 2016 and in July 2018 updated their blog post that explains how this works.

Let’s go over how this works because for sure you’ll want to try this out when you have the need.

Step 1: From within your AwardWallet account you’ll be asked to leave a comment on ANY AwardWallet blog post.

Step 2: When you leave your comment you’ll be prompted to pick which of your American accounts you want your AA miles to be credited to.

Step 3: When your comment is approved, within 5 business days 5 AA miles will be deposited into your account. Typically, though, it only takes a day or two.

Any Rules or Restrictions?

There is no limit (other than 1 AA account per AwardWallet account per day) to how many times you can do this. The only requirements are that your comment be approved, so when you leave your comment, add to the conversation on whichever blog post you chose. Also, make sure your American account is updating properly within AwardWallet so you’ll be sure to get those points deposited properly.

Also, if you have an AA account linked with AwardWallet, when they send you a notification that your miles are expiring, pay attention because they also send you a link to a post that says, “leave a comment to extend the life of your AA miles.”

And remember you can add the AA accounts of your family members to your account and then if you get a notice that their miles are expiring, just leave a comment and you’ll be good to go.

Bottom Line

This is very cool, very easy, and giving us the option to comment on ANY post is a win for us. AwardWallet is already a must-be-using tool in our miles/points world, and now we can even use it to extend the expiration of the miles in our AA accounts!

12 thoughts on “How To Get Free American Airlines Miles from AwardWallet

  1. Kalboz

    Thank you for the heads up! This is a very thoughtful idea to keep the AA miles from expiring and to keep their members engaged.

    Quick question, comments daily on any of their blog entries is eligible for this?


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