Stack Grubhub $10 First Purchase Bonus with American Express Gold Card $10 Dining Credit

Good afternoon everyone.  Earlier today, I wrote How to Enroll in American Express Gold Card Benefits ($120 Dining Credit & $100 Airline Fee Credit).  In that post, I said that I used the $10 monthly Dining Credit for Grubhub.  Grubhub is a food delivery service that will deliver food to you (for a fee) or you can pick up your food (without a fee).  I decided to sign up for Grubhub and use my American Express Gold Card (my referral link) to get the $10 Dining Credit.  Grubhub recently joined Ebates / Rakuten, but only in their app.  As you can see, when I search Ebates / Rakuten on my PC for Grubhub, nothing shows up…

But when I use the Ebates / Rakuten app, I can see Grubhub.  If you are not an Ebates / Rakuten member, you can create a free Rakuten account here (my referral link).  After you join Rakuten, download the app (iOS or Android) and go to the Grubhub page.  If you are a new Grubhub user (like I was), you can earn $10 cash back on your first order.  If you are a repeat Grubhub user, you only get 1% cash back.

On the Rakuten app, I clicked the Shop Now button and then the Got It button.  Since I didn’t have the Grubhub app previously installed, I installed the Grubhub app.

After creating a Grubhub account, I clicked the My Grubhub tab on the bottom and then clicked on the Payment link.  I then added my American Express Gold Card to my Grubhub account.

I then searched for nearby restaurants and created an order that was more than $10.  Tip: I was using Grubhub at 8am on Sunday and not many restaurants were open, so I only saw a few restaurant options.  Later in the day, I searched the Grubhub app again and there were many more restaurants showing on the Grubhub app.  Lesson: open the Grubhub app around lunch time and dinner time to get a wide variety of restaurant options.

I reviewed my order and placed my order.  A few seconds later, I got a notification that my Grubhub/Seamless transaction went through.

I also received an email from Grubhub that said my order was scheduled.

A few minutes later, I got another email from Grubhub that said my order was confirmed and ready for pickup between 12pm and 12:10pm.

A few hours later, I received $10 cash back for my first Grubhub order.

Around the time of my first Grubhub order, I got an email for $12 off my first ever $15 order.  I am not sure if my previous order of $13.03 will void the below offer, but I will give it a try and see what happens.

I plan on setting up calendar reminders for the 1st and 15th of every month to remind me to use the $10 Dining Credit on my American Express Gold Card (my referral link).  Since there are several restaurants on Grubhub and there are no fees to pick up the food, I plan to place 1 Grubhub order every month to use the $10 Dining Credit.  If you have any questions about Grubhub or the American Express Gold Card, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

2 thoughts on “Stack Grubhub $10 First Purchase Bonus with American Express Gold Card $10 Dining Credit

  1. Mike Saint

    Thanks Grant. That’s a good reminder to go to Ebates first. I use Grubhub (and also Seamless) each month for my AMEX $10 dining credit but didn’t know Ebates is eligible to earn points. I really love Ebates and using them all the time now to earn AMEX MR points.

    1. Grant Post author

      I think Grubhub was recently added to Ebates/Rakuten. I just used Grubhub for the first time. Any reason use Seamless instead of Grubhub?


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