125K Chase IHG Premier Credit Card Sign Up Bonus Posts 2 Days After Other Points

Good morning everyone.  Last month, Laura applied for the Chase IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card and was approved around July 10 (after her application was reviewed by Chase).  The sign up bonus was for 125,000 IHG Points after spending $3,000 in 3 months.  Laura’s credit card statement closed a few days ago and I saw on her statement that the 125,000 “New Cardmember Bonus” Points were listed.  I then checked her IHG account balance but did not see the 125,000 IHG Points.  I was a little nervous and confused, but 2 days later, the 125,000 IHG Points posted to her account.  Phew!

Here is what Laura’s IHG account looked like around August 9 – it only showed the 1x non-IHG spend and 10x IHG spend…

But 2 days later, on August 11, the 125,000 “Open Spend Bonus” Points posted to her account.

Between my wife’s IHG account and my IHG account, we have a ton of IHG Points, but we do not have any upcoming plans to use the IHG Points.  Hopefully in the next few months, we will find an IHG property to stay at, so we can use our points and my IHG Free Night Certificate (bookable for hotels that cost up to 40,000 IHG Points).  If you have any questions about the timing of the sign up bonus, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

2 thoughts on “125K Chase IHG Premier Credit Card Sign Up Bonus Posts 2 Days After Other Points

    1. Grant Post author

      That is strange that you husband’s points posted normally but your points didn’t post automatically. I’m glad Chase was able to manually send the points to your IHG account.


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