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Backblaze Promo: 3 Months Free (Offer Ending Soon)

Backblaze is at it again with their amazing special offer, and I want to do something special, too. But first, some backstory.

I’m a VERY satisfied Backblaze customer and recommend it to everyone I know. When I was considering which cloud-based backup company to go with, my friend Stefan over at Rapid Travel Chai was the one who gave the thumbs up to Backblaze. Not only that, but this year he gave me a great lead on a coffee spot in Seattle that is excellent, and you all know how picky I am about my espresso. Now it’s time for me to say “Thanks, Stefan”.

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Citibank Changes Its Annual Fee Rebate Policy

Seems like Citibank and their credit cards are on my mind lately. First it was making sure I had used my Citi Prestige airline credit benefit before this year ended. Then I mourned the upcoming changes to my Prestige card. Next up on my year-end credit card review and to-do list was looking at my credit cards and deciding which to keep and which to let go.

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Jet Lag: How I Beat It And How You Can, Too!

Jet lag is a subject I find myself talking about. Perhaps it’s because coincidentally I have two friends who both returned from trips to Asia and are suffering through some serious jet lag right now.  Recently I had a travel experience I’ve never had before…… easy jet lag! I mean like no jet lag after a long travel day of three flights and a 16 hour time difference. It was really something, and I realized a few important things.

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Starbucks Opens A Cafe That Even A Coffee Snob Like Me Can’t Wait To Visit!

There’s actually a Starbucks I can’t wait to visit! As the Bean Around the World coffee girl I’m sure you’re surprised to hear me say that. Yes, today’s story is about Starbucks. And it’s a very positive one! Starbucks now has a cafe staffed by employees who are partially or fully deaf and can communicate in American Sign Language. It’s in Washington, D.C. near Gallaudet University, the only Liberal Arts college for the deaf in the U.S. The baristas are teaching hearing customers how to say the Starbucks menu offerings in American Sign Language. I’ve studied ASL and think this kind of diversity in the marketplace is great for everyone. Here’s the story and a cool video to watch.