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How Organic is Organic Coffee?

As you enjoy your weekend morning coffee, or depending on your time zone maybe that’s your afternoon espresso, or even your post dinner digestive beverage also known as espresso, here’s an interesting story. When I travel I seek out one-off locally owned coffee houses. When I talk with the owners I’m often told that their coffee beans are indeed organic, and the conditions on the coffee farms are indeed “sustainable” but that they as shop owners, as well as the coffee farmers, don’t have the funds to get all the necessary certificates to say so. This article delves into whether it’s really possible to even monitor conditions for all these certifications. See what you think. Are you buying only sustainable-certified coffee?

Alaska Airlines Promises We’ll Love These Updates & Upgrades

Alaska Airlines promises it’s on a mission to create an airline we’ll love! Love is a strong word, though I’d say if I did love any airline, it just might be Alaska. And you know how it is when you’re “almost” in love, you want to keep track of how the relationship is going. Alaska Airlines just announced enhancements worth keeping track of, though some of the benefits started this past spring. For instance, Alaska is updating aircraft, changing up their menu, and announcing airport lounge openings.

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Roy’s: Great Offer Through September 9

Roy’s has a great deal right now, and I’m definitely taking advantage of it. My three favorite Roy’s classics are on the menu!

Roy's Menu

One restaurant for me that always gets it right is Roy’s. I’ve been a fan of Roy’s for many years now. No matter which Roy’s I go to, it’s always a wonderful experience. I’ve even hosted big birthday celebrations at Roy’s and if I do say so myself, they’ve become events that are talked about for years!

Roy's Special Offer September 2018

Get to the Oakland International Airport (OAK) Escape Lounge Like a Pro

Disclosure: I have TSA PreCheck, a Clipper Card, and travel with carry-on bags.  If you do not have TSA PreCheck, your security screening will take longer.  If you do not have a Clipper Card, you will need to buy a one-way BART ticket prior to riding BART.  If you need to check your bags, you will need to drop off your bags before going through security.  With that said, here is how to get to the Oakland International Airport Escape Lounge like a pro.

Good morning everyone.  Last week, I wrote Get to the SFO Centurion Lounge Like a Pro.  I wanted to show the East Bay some love too, so I will show you how to get to the Oakland International Airport Escape Lounge like a pro.  This lounge is part of the Escape Lounge collection and is accessible for free if you have an American Express Platinum Charge Card (you can bring in 2 guests for free).  The lounge is located in Terminal 1, between gates 8 and 8A.  The lounge opens at 5am and closes at 9pm, unless the airport is quiet and the lounge will close early.  I’ve been to the Escape Lounge a few times and I recommend reading Points with a Crew’s review of the Escape Lounge.

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Big News in the World of Beer!

Big news in the world of beer! It’s time to grin and beer it :) Guinness is famous for making stout beer, and this week, the Irish company opened a new brewery in Maryland. It’s the first time Guinness has had a brewery in the U.S. in more than 60 years. But…….Guinness will NOT be brewing its famous stout in America. You can read all about it here.

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