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Carry-On Bag Guide: What’s Allowed, What’s Not

Do you travel with only carry-on luggage? If you do, I congratulate you. I’m not there yet, but I’m heading in that direction. That means learning about the pitfalls of packing lessor-known forbidden items in my carry-on bag.

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‘Tis The Season To Eat Your Words!

’Tis the season to eat, drink — and do etymology! If you’re like me and  combine your love of travel with loving to eat, you’ll enjoy this story. Actually, I find the whole topic of language and the origin of words and phrases (especially about food) fascinating. Whether you enjoy Danish pastry, cobbler, Crêpes suzette or sometimes having to eat your words, have fun with this article.


Jet Lag: How I Beat It And How You Can, Too!

Jet lag is a subject I find myself talking about. Perhaps it’s because coincidentally I have two friends who both returned from trips to Asia and are suffering through some serious jet lag right now.  Recently I had a travel experience I’ve never had before…… easy jet lag! I mean like no jet lag after a long travel day of three flights and a 16 hour time difference. It was really something, and I realized a few important things.

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Toilet Signage Around The World: Helpful or Confusing?

Is a picture worth 1000 words? Maybe yes and maybe no. Pictures, after all, are open to many interpretations. Some situations just don’t lend themselves to words. Apparently the world is in a transitional toilet state. Toilet signs used in bathrooms are one of those situations where pictures make more sense than words. Yet communication, local custom, and issues of public health intersect making even the best toilet sign complicated to understand. Continue reading

Don’t Take This Long-Haul Flight Advice Sitting Down!

Sitting for long periods of time on airplanes is an experience many of us have had. My longest flight was 15 hours, and though all those movies and business class meals helped to pass the time, that’s still a long time to be in an airplane. Of course I don’t sit all the time. I get up and walk around as often as I need to. Continue reading