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Purchase Hilton Honors Points – 100% Bonus (Expires June 7)

What’s the best way to earn hotel loyalty points? There are as many answers to that question as there are hotel chains! So when people ask me that question, here’s how I answer. The four most popular answers would likely be: stay at a hotel, spend on a credit card that’s affiliated with the hotel chain, get a credit card with an oversized bonus of hotel points when you meet the minimum spend, and if and when the need arises, buy hotel points on sale and use them to get super value from an award night stay.

Maybe because summertime is around the corner and the high travel season is upon us, it seems like right now Hilton Honors is upping their game both in credit card increased bonuses, and by putting their Hilton Honors points on sale. Continue reading

Which American Express Hilton Credit Card is Right for You?

Back in January, Hilton began teaming up with American Express to offer co-branded credit cards. This replaced Hilton’s card agreement with Citibank. The Citi Hilton cards converted to American Express cards. I’m sure by now we’ve all updated our information with any merchants we use for recurring automatic payments. And I’ve mentioned before that now these cards feature no foreign transaction fees.

Many Hilton loyalists were excited by this transition from Citibank to American Express because it increased the Hilton co-branded offerings, which equated to more opportunities to earn Hilton points.
Change, even good change, can lead to confusion, and recently a reader asked me what the different benefits were on the four co-branded Hilton American Express cards. Good question! Continue reading

Hyatt 40% Bonus on Purchased Points (Expires May 23)

Whether or not you buy hotel points when promotions are running, it’s good to know your options. We all like to travel more for less! Topping up accounts for an upcoming stay can serve us well when we can get more value from the cost of the stays then we spend on buying those points. I use up my Hyatt points way faster than I drink my flat whites, so I keep a list of hotel point promos handy to see if they’ll work for me.

Currently, Hyatt is running their buy points promotions. Depending on your travel plans this might be worth checking out.

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I Just Discovered Another Travel Agent Super Power

I recently read about a Super Power that some travel agents possess! Don’t you hate it that some airlines make it difficult and near impossible to get preassigned seats? I know many travelers simply won’t fly these airlines, preferring instead to choose airlines where you can (even for a fee) have a preassigned seat.

Ah yes, that superpower. I read that when it is difficult to get preassigned seats, some travel agents and agencies, particularly Virtuoso agents, have access to seat assignments on these airlines that are not available to ordinary travelers. Good deal all around for both the travelers and agents. Continue reading

Chase Honored 20,000 Point Offer on Upgraded Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your day is going well.  2 days ago, I wrote My New Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card Arrived & Upgrade Offer Discrepancy.  In that post, I told you that I accepted a 20,000 point upgrade offer to upgrade from my old Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card to the new Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card.  But when I got the credit card and confirmed with the rep that my upgrade offer was 20,000 points, the rep told me that my account only showed a 10,000 point upgrade offer.

After that call, I sent Chase a Secure Message (SM) with the screenshots of the 20,000 point upgrade offer.  Shortly after that, I received a response.  My 20,000 point upgrade offer “will be honored” (I would hope so, since that is why I upgraded), after my first purchase.  To get the 20,000 point upgrade offer, I had to make 1 purchase.  After that purchase posted, I was told to reply to the Secure Message “to claim the offer.”

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