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American Express Shows up to 100 Available AMEX Offers Per Card (Add Offers to View More)

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  I am not sure if this is old news or not, but I discovered yesterday that American Express will show up to 100 available AMEX Offers per credit/charge card.  If you want to view more AMEX Offers, you have to activate/link/add the AMEX Offers to the card.  I found this to be true on both my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card and my American Express EveryDay Credit Card.  Both cards had 100 available AMEX Offers at the start, but when I started to add AMEX Offers to my cards, new AMEX Offers started to appear.  Here is what I discovered.

American Express Business Platinum Charge Card

When I signed into my American Express account, I had 100 AMEX Offers available and I already added 6 AMEX Offers.  There were 106 total AMEX Offers possible for this card.

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Two Best Websites to Use for Tracking Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Time passes so quickly and I can’t believe it’s almost time for Black Friday. A friend of mine seems to be the most savvy Black Friday shopper I know of. He gets obsessed this time of year. Here is some quick advice from him about Black Friday. My friend mentioned that the term Black Friday came into heavy usage in the early 2000’s. Heavy usage sure does lead to heavy shopping!

This same Black Friday friend in the know told me about these two sites that track the best deals. So if you’re a shopper who’s proactive and likes to see what’s being offered rather than wait until the deals are blogged about, check out these two sites: and They’re comprehensive and track the best deals. Maybe you already know about these sites…….but maybe not.

These two websites also track deals offered by e-commerce retailers during Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving. Hope you find some excellent deals and if you know other sites that are great at tracking these deals, share them so other readers can benefit as well. Thanks!

Trim Launches Debt Payoff Service (Negotiates Lower Credit Card APRs, Creates Payoff Plan & Provides Personal Coaching)

Good morning everyone.  A few weeks ago, I wrote Trim Saves Money on Monthly Cable / Phone / TV / Internet Bills (Negotiates Discounts on your Behalf).  In that post, I showed how Trim negotiates down your cable / phone / TV / Internet bill and charges you a percentage of the yearly savings.  Trim has just launched a new feature called Debt Payoff.  With Debt Payoff, Trim will negotiate down your APR (interest rate only, not principle balance), create a customized payoff plan (where you pay off your highest APR credit card first) and provide expert advice along the way.  According to Trim: “Trim is able to save the average user more than $250 per year by aggressively attacking their debt.”  To learn more about Debt Payoff, create a Trim account here.

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Black Friday Promo – Free $15 from RebatesMe

I’m a user of many cash back portals but had not yet registered for RebatesMe.

It turns out they are offering a signup bonus for Black Friday. If you sign up now, you will receive an instant $15 credit in your account, but it takes $20 in payable dollars to be able to cash out. It looks like they offer similar promotions as other portals do for sites like Ebay, etc.

It’s always nice to get free cash, and when it’s $15 for little work, it seems like an easy decision. You can also receive $15 for each person you refer who signs up.  Please use my link to signup.  Thank you.

Ultimate Guide to CNB City National Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card Benefits [Very Long Post]

Good morning everyone.  A few days ago, I wrote Unboxing My CNB City National Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card: Card Art, Welcome Letter & Brochure.  In that post, I mentioned a few of the credit card benefits, but I was surprised to learn that there are tons of card benefits.  In this ultimate guide to the CNB City National Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card benefits, I will go through every single lifestyle (aka travel) benefit and share my thoughts on each benefit.  Forewarning, this post is really long and probably really boring, so proceed with caution.  Let’s get started by going to the CNB Visa Infinite page and click the Log In button.

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