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Amazon Prime: Keep or Cancel? Help Me Decide!

A while ago Amazon announced an increase to their Amazon Prime fees. And even though there are ways to keep the fees at the $99 yearly for a bit longer, it still seemed to me I should take a closer look at whether or not I was getting value from having Amazon Prime even at the $99 rate.

I always say, “Let math be your friend” and in fact, I enjoy math. And I enjoy using spreadsheets, too. I’m not exactly Don in The Rosie Project, but I can come awfully close to his obsession with tracking things.

So let’s take a look at what I actually DO use Amazon Prime for, because I think a lot of people see all the potential uses of Amazon Prime but don’t really use them. Continue reading

The Versatile World of the Buff

We all have shopping lists, right? I’m talking about that list titled “Buy sometime soon” list. Why is it then that for some items “sometime soon” can become years :) That’s where my story of me and my Buff begins. The first time I saw someone wearing a Buff I knew I had to get one. That, however, was so long ago I can’t even recall the year. Every time I saw anyone wearing a Buff I’d yell to them, “Great looking Buff.” And then I’d say to myself, “I gotta get a Buff, too!” Yes, I’m weird, I get that! Finally, on a bitter cold night, December 24th, 2015, in Vancouver, B.C. I bought a Buff. Well I didn’t exactly buy it, Alaska Airlines bought it for me, but that’s another story entirely. The result was the same, though. I finally joined the Buff club and I absolutely love my Buff!

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Happy Feet Make For Happy Travels

There’s one essential must-have, must-take-with-me-when-I-travel item that I get tons of questions about. When I wear my Buff people look at me…….and then ask a question. But with Yoga toes, very few people actually see me using them because I’m home or in a hotel room when I use them. Whenever I talk about Yoga toes people are curious.

So let’s answer the most asked question: what’s the big deal about Yoga toes?

First let’s start with some humor. I actually had a woman ask me, “Can’t you just put marbles, or grapes, or something between your toes?” I suppose you could, but my answer to her was, “Why would you want to when you can use Yoga toes?”

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