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Backblaze Promo: 3 Months Free (Offer Ending Soon)

Backblaze is at it again with their amazing special offer, and I want to do something special, too. But first, some backstory.

I’m a VERY satisfied Backblaze customer and recommend it to everyone I know. When I was considering which cloud-based backup company to go with, my friend Stefan over at Rapid Travel Chai was the one who gave the thumbs up to Backblaze. Not only that, but this year he gave me a great lead on a coffee spot in Seattle that is excellent, and you all know how picky I am about my espresso. Now it’s time for me to say “Thanks, Stefan”.

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Statehood Questioned: Marriage License Denied!

I’ve been told by many people in Europe and Asia that we Americans are geography-challenged. Maybe it’s true and we aren’t as geography-savvy as we should be. I know for myself, if someone mentions a place, whether it is a city or a country I’m not familiar with, I’ll do some research. I like geography and knowing where places are.

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It Happened Again: Don’t Leave Home Without At Least Two Of These!

I can’t believe this happened again, though with a different friend. Doesn’t he read my blog posts on TWG? This time on my friend’s FIRST day, which was to start a seven week trip around Mexico, the ATM ate his debit card. He had no cash on him. His bank told him they’d send a new debit card, but after tracking the card’s delivery and waiting four days, my friend had doubts about getting his card.

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I Just Froze My 3 Credit Reports: Here’s Why & What I Learned

Good morning everyone.  Yesterday, I read this article from Krebs on Security regarding the recent Starwood / Marriott data breach.  In the article, there was a very powerful section that talked about 2 realities that all Americans need to come to grips with in regards to privacy, data security, and our powerlessness when it comes to securing our data.  Here are the 2 realities from the article:

Reality #1: Bad guys already have access to personal data points that you may believe should be secret but which nevertheless aren’t, including your credit card information, Social Security number, mother’s maiden name, date of birth, address, previous addresses, phone number, and yes — even your credit file.

Reality #2: Any data point you share with a company will in all likelihood eventually be hacked, lost, leaked, stolen or sold — usually through no fault of your own. And if you’re an American, it means (at least for the time being) your recourse to do anything about that when it does happen is limited or nil.

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