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Who Wants To Be Italy’s Next Dubbing Star? Do You Have What It Takes?

I love traveling to Italy. Is there anyone who doesn’t? One way I immerse myself in local culture when in Italy is to go see a movie, even if I don’t completely understand the language. I do this whenever I travel and it’s always fun. Movie-going culture is so different and fascinating around the world. I’ve noticed that often movies use dubbing rather than subtitles.

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Listen to Travel with Grant on Today’s NowBoarding Podcast! [Plus Feedback from my Parents]

Updated at 7:30pm PT on 12/4: I updated the post, provided links to some of the topics I mentioned in the podcast, and added feedback from my parents after they listened to the podcast…

Good evening everyone.  A few days ago, I wrote My Latest Obsession: Listening to BoardingArea Bloggers on NowBoarding Podcast.  After that post went live, I reached out to Ed from Pizza in Motion and we made plans for my NowBoarding podcast.  Fast forward to today and my podcast is now live and you can listen to it here.  The recording is 26 minutes long.  Here are some of the topics I mentioned on the podcast:

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McDonalds Menus From Around The World: Which Ones Are Worth Trying?

When traveling, some travelers use McDonalds as a gauge for how expensive a place is to visit. They equate the cost of items on a McDonalds menu with the cost of living in that location. Other travelers pop into a McDonalds to see if any interesting local foods are on the menu, foods they can’t order from a US McDonalds menu. And though I rarely pop into a McDonalds, the more I read about some of the local items on their menus that I’ve missed in my travels, I’m thinking I just might start checking out McDonalds menus when I visit a place. Continue reading

My Latest Obsession: Listening to BoardingArea Bloggers on NowBoarding Podcast

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and any other shopping holiday I missed (RIP Small Business Saturday).  Over the last few days, I have been binge watching listening to the new NowBoarding Podcast, hosted by Ed Pizza from Pizza in Motion.  The weekly series has 21 episodes as of today, November 27.  Each episode is roughly 30 minutes long where Ed interviews various bloggers from BoardingArea and TravelUpdate.  You can listen to the podcasts for free online or via iTunes.

  • God Save the Points – Gilbert Ott – NB 001
  • Le Chic Geek – Jeanne Hoffman – NB 002
  • The Gate – Brian Cohen – NB 003
  • Angelina Travels – Angelina Aucello – NB 004
  • The Short Final – Dominic Perilli – NB 005
  • Wandering Aramean – Seth Miller – NB 006
  • Rapid Travel Chai – Stefan Krasowski – NB 007
  • One Mile At A Time – Tiffany Funk – NB 008
  • Heels First Travel – Keri Anderson – NB 009
  • BaldThoughts – Lee Huffman – NB 010
  • Running with Miles – Charlie Barkowski – NB 011
  • No Mas Coach – Jon Nickel-D’Andrea – NB 012
  • Deals We Like – Jen Yellin – NB 013
  • Points with a Crew – Dan Miller – NB 014
  • The Flight Detective – Trent – NB 015
  • Out & Out – Harlan Vaughn – NB 016
  • No Mas Coach – Ben Nickel-D’Andrea – NB 017
  • Economy Class & Beyond – Kevin Marshall – NB 018
  • The Millennial Traveler – Conrado Asenjo – NB 019
  • Monkey Miles – Zachary Abel – NB 020
  • Frequent Miler – Nick Reyes – NB 021

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