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NYC: Here’s What You Can Do For Free!

Free is good, right? Even a pay-what-you-wish policy is great for saving money. And in expensive cities, it’s wonderful when premier attractions, museums, and performances offer free or pay-what-you-wish experiences. On a trip to Madrid, I was able to enjoy the world class museums for free by going on certain nights. And in one of my favorite though expensive places like New York, it’s especially helpful to know which attractions have free or pay-as-you-wish visiting times. Here’s the information I use when I’m planning my days in NYC. I hope you’ll find it as useful as I do!

Is there a “Price Protection” Service Available for Airline Tickets?

Travel life is good. Travel life can also be frustrating. I’m wondering if I could have done anything differently so as not to have spent $71 more than I did on an American Airlines ticket. Maybe I’m too much of a wishful thinker, and you’ll tell me to forget it and chalk it up to the airfare game, but maybe one of you will teach us all some fantastic ninja trick that will keep this from happening in the future.

I don’t have status with American, so keep that in mind as I lay out my frustration. A few months ago, I purchased a one-way ticket on American Airlines from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to San Diego (SAN). It cost me $339. I’m not sure why I purchased it so far in advance except that because I travel so much, I like to wrap-up itineraries as soon as I know my plans. Maybe this travel habit should change. Continue reading

Chicago Seminars Travel Conference Tickets Now on Sale (October 19-21)

Good evening everyone, I hope your Amazon Prime Day shopping is going well.  A few hours ago, tickets for Chicago Seminars went on sale.  They are $111 for 2.5 full days of travel advice, networking, drinking, more networking, more drinking, and maybe some sleep too.  I love going to Chicago Seminars and I am so excited to go back.  I just bought my ticket and airfare for the event.  There are limited seats available, but when I purchased my ticket at around 5:30pm PT, there were 472 tickets available.

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Malta Trip Report Part 2: Kayak to Comino’s Blue Lagoon & ATV / Quad Tour Around Gozo

Good morning everyone.  I hope you enjoyed my post from yesterday, Malta Trip Report Part 1: Walking Through Valletta and Attending Feast of St. Peter & St. Paul.  In today’s post, I will share some photos of my Kayak Gozo tour from Gozo to Comino to see the Blue Lagoon and from the Gozo Pride ATV tour around the island.  Kayak Gozo offers 3 different tours (half day morning, half day afternoon, and full day).  We decided to do the half day morning, called the “Rise and Shine” tour, and the cost was 38 Euros per person.  Laura and I had a double kayak, she was in the front and I was in the back.  After getting the handle of paddling, we went inside a little cove and then made the journey across the channel to the Blue Lagoon, near Comino.

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Traveling to Madrid, Spain? How to Save Money, Time, and Eat Well (Part 2)

Have you ever gotten a tip about a place you were about to visit that just didn’t make sense? I have. And it taught me a great travel lesson. When someone gives me tips about a place I’m visiting, I’ll always ask them, “When was the last time you were there?” I just prefer tips to be as recent as possible. So having recently returned from a really wonderful time in Madrid, Spain, I’ve got a variety of tips I’m hoping you’ll enjoying knowing about. Please make sure to read part one where I offer restaurant tips! Continue reading