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Don’t Overlook the Hidden Benefits of the Amex Platinum Card

Do you know ALL the benefits of the American Express Platinum card? If you do, I’m impressed because there are 20 of them! I can sometimes remember the names of the Seven Dwarfs, but the 20 benefits of the Amex Platinum card…….no way. Continue reading

Amex Gold Card Rebranded: To Keep or Not To Keep, That is the Question!

Sometimes procrastination is a good thing. But in my case I’m still not sure. I’ve had the American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card for many years. When the Amex Everyday credit card came on the scene I always meant to get that card and give up my Amex Premier card, but I never got around to doing that. The news now is that as of October 4, Amex rebranded the Premier Gold Card with the new name American Express Gold Card. Amex says, “New benefits, new look, same card only better.” The rebranding gives us more or less opportunities to earn Membership Rewards points, depending on our spending habits. I’m still on the fence as to what I’ll now use my card for and if I’ll keep it. Continue reading

PSA: Link Loyalty Programs to American Express Membership Rewards Before You Need to Make an Urgent Transfer

Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  A few days ago, I needed to book an award ticket using Avianca LifeMiles, but I didn’t have enough LifeMiles in my account.  Luckily, American Express recently added Avianca LifeMiles as a Membership Rewards transfer partner.  I thought it would be an easy 1-2-3 process of adding my Avianca LifeMiles account to Membership Rewards, transferring Membership Rewards Points to my Avianca LifeMiles account, and booking the Avianca LifeMiles award ticket.  Unfortunately, Membership Rewards was not able to add/verify my Avianca LifeMiles account right away.  The first thing I did was to sign into my Membership Rewards account and click on the Avianca LifeMiles tile.

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American Express Shows up to 100 Available AMEX Offers Per Card (Add Offers to View More)

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  I am not sure if this is old news or not, but I discovered yesterday that American Express will show up to 100 available AMEX Offers per credit/charge card.  If you want to view more AMEX Offers, you have to activate/link/add the AMEX Offers to the card.  I found this to be true on both my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card and my American Express EveryDay Credit Card.  Both cards had 100 available AMEX Offers at the start, but when I started to add AMEX Offers to my cards, new AMEX Offers started to appear.  Here is what I discovered.

American Express Business Platinum Charge Card

When I signed into my American Express account, I had 100 AMEX Offers available and I already added 6 AMEX Offers.  There were 106 total AMEX Offers possible for this card.

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Trim Saves Money on Monthly Cable / Phone / TV / Internet Bills (Negotiates Discounts on your Behalf)

Good morning everyone.  A few weeks ago, I friend told me about a service called Trim, where they will monitor your cable / phone / TV / Internet bills and negotiate a lower rate for you.  In exchange for negotiating a lower rate, Trim takes a cut of the savings.  The service sounded like a cool idea and I decided to try it out on my home Comcast cable / TV / Internet bill.  Trim works with several cable / phone / TV / Internet providers, so most TWG readers should check it out.

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