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Do you use the Hopper App? New Feature Just Added!

Do you know about Hopper? It is an app available for both iPhones and Android phones, and it does a great job of finding low-priced fares and also of predicting if airfares will increase or decrease between when you researched fares and when you plan to travel. It’s not a website, though. It’s only an app.

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US Bank FlexPerks Go Mobile App Review: Geolocation, Travel Alerts & Virtual Wallet Features

Good morning everyone.  Yesterday afternoon, I received a few emails from US Bank regarding a new feature called Geolocation Service.  According to the email, “Geolocation Service verifies your mobile phone is in close proximity to your credit card, reducing the risk of card declines while traveling.”  Here is the email I received from US Bank:

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IHG Translator App: 12 Languages, 2,000 Phrases, and 10,000 Words (Free for IHG Platinum Elite Members)

IHG Translator Logo

(Hat Tip to Paul for alerting me of the app)

IHG recently introduced their IHG Translator App and I spent about 30 minutes playing around with the features.  I selected French from the 12 available languages and a pop-up message told me to wait approximately 3 minutes for all the French language files to download.  After downloading the language files, I was able to view the various phrase categories.  The categories are very realistic (such as “yes,” “no,” and “where is the bathroom?”).  The app supports formal, casual, slang, and crazy phrases (such as “see you later alligator” as a crazy way to say “goodbye”).  Once you see the phrase you want to say or hear, click the slow or fast speaker icon and the app will pronounce the phrase for you.  If you still are unable to understand the phrase, you can click the phonetic icon and see the English pronunciation of the phrase.  The app is definitely well made and very intuitive to use.  I am excited to try the app next time I travel internationally.   Continue reading

Plink App for iPhone and Android Smartphones

Plink Logo

Plink App for iPhone and Android Smartphones

(Disclosure: I have an iPhone, so all the pics below are from an iPhone.  The app for Android should look/act the same as below.)

  • To download Plink from the Apple App Store, click here.
  • To download Plink from the Google Play Store, click here.

Download Plink App

Once downloaded, this is what the app will look like…

Plink App 1

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