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Targeted Citi Promo: $10 Bonus for Making 5 ApplePay Purchases (AT&T Access More Credit Card)

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  I just got this email from Citi regarding a $10 bonus for making 5 ApplePay purchases from today (July 22) through September 30.  The 5 ApplePay purchases must add up to at least $10.  This is great if you have a few small ApplePay purchases over the next few months, such as paying for metered parking or at vending machines that accepts ApplePay.

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Swych App Promo: $50 Hotels.com eGC for $40 & $10 Chipotle eGC for $1

Good afternoon everyone, I have a quick deal to share.  If you use the Swych app, you can buy a $50 Hotels.com eGift Card for $40 and a $10 Chipotle eGift Card for $1.  You need to use promo code LaborDay and pay with ApplePay or AndroidPay.

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My Short Term MS Plans with 4 Dead Redbirds (Target Memo)

Good morning everyone, I’m sure everyone knows about the Target memo (thanks Bill!), but if not, here it is below.  I’m not going to lie, this sucks big time.  I had 4 Redbird Cards (myself, mom, dad, and brother) and Redbird was involved with 95% of all my MS activities.  With the demise of debit card reloads, there is a mass exodus to Bluebird and Serve.  Not me.  I’m not switching to Bluebird or Serve.  There are no Walmarts within walking distance (like my local Target) and I have no interest in driving to Walmart.

Target Redbird Memo

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Discover It + ApplePay + Walgreens = 22% Cash Back for BART Clipper Card Reloads

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your weekend is going well.  I’m sure everyone knows about the recent Discover ApplePay promo, but if not, please read Frequent Miler’s post.  Since I live and work in the Bay Area, I take BART almost every day and spend about $225 a month on BART costs.  I shared my experience loading my BART Clipper Card at Whole Foods during the last 2 Whole Foods AMEX Offers:

On my way to work yesterday, I stopped at my local Walgreens in San Francisco and asked to load $50 to my BART Clipper Card.  The cashier was very friendly and knew exactly what to do.  When it came time to pay, I used my iPhone 6 with ApplePay to charge my Discover It Credit Card.  The purchase went through fine and appears to be a standard Walgreens purchase.

BART Clipper Card Walgreens Reload

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