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Don’t Lose Your Freedom: Activate Now!

I just discovered an important task that somehow never got done. Small tasks often have big benefits, and I don’t want to miss this bonus. Maybe because I was traveling during October, but holy cow, I never activated my Freedom card for this quarter’s bonus spend.

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Chase Freedom 10% Cash Back for Hotel & Rental Car Bookings (Actually a Good Deal!)

Good morning everyone, happy Sunday!  First off, I wanted to thank everyone who showed up at my OC Travel Hackers meetup yesterday afternoon, it was great to see so many familiar faces and meet some new travel hackers in the area.  I will be back in Orange County in late August, so I will plan another meetup then.

If you have a Chase Freedom Credit Card (maybe the Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card is included too, I’m not sure), you might have received the below email from Chase about a hotel and rental car offer where you can earn 10% cash back on all hotel and rental car bookings made in July.  This offer might be targeted, so if you did not receive this email, I am not sure if you will earn the bonus.  Normally I would ignore this email since I can find great rental car deals on my own, but in this case, Chase actually had the best rental car prices I could find.

Chase Freedom Hotel Car Rental 10 Percent Email

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Chase Freedom + Uber in Europe = 5x Chase Ultimate Reward Points + Foreign Exchange Fees

Good morning everyone, I’m here in Munich, Germany, today and flying to Venice, Italy, this evening.  I’ve had a few chances to use Uber in Europe (UberX both times) and wanted to share my thoughts.  Unfortunately, Uber is not as widespread as it is in the United States and is only available in a few European cities.  I have only taken UberX rides in Nice, France, and Munich, Germany.

UberX is always cheaper than traditional taxis (excluding surge pricing) and it can sometimes be cheaper than public transportation (buses and trains).  For short trips with multiple people, I would use UberX every chance I can.  Unfortunately, you need WiFi/data to access the Uber app.  I don’t have an international data plan, but I can connect to various free WiFi hotspots in airports, hotels, and cafes.  As long as you can request an Uber pickup, you do not need WiFi/data for the duration of the trip.  Your credit card will automatically be charged when your ride is over and you will receive an emailed receipt, like the one below.

Uber Receipt Munich

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US Bank Cash Plus Q3 Categories: Any MS Opportunities?

Good afternoon everyone.  I was recently approved for a US Bank Cash Plus Credit Card (still waiting for the card to arrive in the mail).  However, the credit card already shows up on my US Bank online account with a link to enroll in Q3 cash back categories.  This is my first time looking at US Bank’s cash back categories and here are my thoughts on the enrollment process and the cash back categories.

US Bank Cash Plus Select Cash Back Categories

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New Chase EMV Chip and Signature Credit Card Pics: Freedom, Southwest Airlines Premier and Plus

Good afternoon everyone, this is a followup post to Requesting New Chase EMV Cards: Freedom, United MileagePlus, and Southwest Airlines Plus & Premier.  I am still waiting for my new Chase United Airlines MileagePlus Credit Card to arrive in the mail, but I have 3 new credit card designs to show you.  The top row shows the front and back of my old Chase Freedom Credit Card.  It looks like Chase removed the Blink feature (WiFi symbol on the back), which allowed you to pay by placing your credit card near a payment reader.  I never used Blink and never saw it mentioned anywhere by Chase.

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