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Chase Hyatt Visa Credit Card Offers (Live Now Through July 31)

Good afternoon everyone, I just received the following email from Hyatt.  Chase, Hyatt, and Visa have teamed up to create Hyatt Credit Card Offers (not a very original name).  The platform is the same platform that was built for Marriott and Chase Slate.  According to the email, Hyatt Credit Card Offers is currently available and will run through July 31.  Strange that they would have an end date in mind, but they could extend it if the product is successful and popular.  To get started, click here and have your Chase Hyatt Credit Card available.

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Did I get Approved for a New Chase Credit Card? Just Log into your Account to Check

Good morning everyone.  Last week, as part of my credit card App-O-Rama, I applied for the Chase Marriott Rewards Business Credit Card.  This was the first credit card I applied for during my App-O-Rama and I was hoping for an instant approval.  Unfortunately, I got a pending response after submitting the application.  I decided to wait it out and see if Chase would send me a letter or call me.  I was prepared for a reconsideration call since I took a screenshot of my application so I knew exactly what numbers I put down for my business credit card application.  Luckily, I didn’t have to wait very long…

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Keep, Cancel or Convert? Chase Sapphire Reserve & Chase Ink Plus

Good morning everyone.  Ahh, I feel so refreshed, I just spent the last week on tropical Kauai with my girlfriend. We enjoyed inner tubing down an old sugarcane plantation irrigation canal, a 4×4 off road vehicle tour of Kipu Ranch, driving around Waimea Canyon, and eating as much poke and shaved ice as our stomachs would allow. I would definitely recommend all of those activities if you are heading to Kauai anytime soon.

During the good ole days of credit card sign up bonuses, I used to do epic 4-8 credit card App-O-Ramas every 3 months.  I probably did that for the first 2 years I was in the miles and points game.  Over those years, I accumulated a lot of credit cards, but now is the time when several annual fees are posting.  I have 8 credit cards that posted annual fees in March (totalling $1,165 in annual fees), so now is the time for me to decide: keep, cancel, or convert?  Here is the list of credit cards and annual fees.  I am going to cover the first 2 Chase credit cards in today’s post, and then cover the other credit cards in a few more posts.  Let’s start with my beloved Chase Sapphire Reserve.

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve – $450 (posted 4/1)
  • Chase Ink Plus Business – $95 (posted 4/1)
  • American Express Hilton Ascend – $95 (posted 4/3)
  • American Express SPG Business – $95 (posted 4/6)
  • Bank of America Alaska Airlines Business – $75 (posted 4/2)
  • Citi AT&T Access More – $95 (posted 4/4)
  • US Bank FlexPerks Gold – $85 (posted 4/3)
  • Wells Fargo Propel World – $175 (posted 3/31)

Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card

Is the Chase Sapphire Reserve worth the $450 annual fee? Several months ago, I converted my Chase Freedom into a Chase Sapphire Reserve, and it was one of the best credit card decisions I ever made.  After I converted to the Chase Sapphire Reserve, I started to receive the $300 in travel reimbursements (before I even paid the first $450 annual fee).  I also received my Priority Pass card which includes unlimited guests (you have to request this through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Portal).  Between the $300 travel credit and the free meals I have had at Priority Pass lounges, the $450 annual fee is basically a wash.  Then add on the 3x Chase Ultimate Reward Points on travel and dining purchases, plus the ability to redeem Chase Ultimate Reward Points for travel at 1.5 cents, keeping this credit card is the easiest credit card decision of the year.  The only downside is that I had to give up my Chase Freedom and I would have loved to get 5x on PayPal purchase this quarter (that would have taken me only a few days to max out).

Decision: Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card is a keeper.

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March App-O-Rama: Which 7 Credit Cards am I Considering?

Good morning everyone, happy Saturday! Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post regarding which non-5/24 Chase credit cards I should get. I think I have narrowed down my App-O-Rama (AOR) credit card list to these 7 credit cards. I plan on applying for these credit cards sometime next week. Please let me know if you agree or disagree with any of the credit cards on this list. If there are any credit cards that you think are worth applying for, please share them in the comments and I will check them out.

Based on yesterday’s post, I will apply for these 2 Chase credit cards:

  • Chase Marriott Business Credit Card: This is the only non-5/24 Chase business credit card and who couldn’t use more Marriott points? The current sign up bonus is 75,000 Marriott points after spending $3,000 in 3 months. The $99 annual fee is waived the first year. I already have the Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Card, so the annual category 1-5 Marriott free night certificates will pair nicely with each other. I don’t plan on spending much on this credit card after meeting the minimum spend requirement. As long as I can redeem the Marriott free night certificate for more than an $99 hotel night, this is a decent credit card to hold on to for a long time. *snarky comment alert* If Marriott keeps devaluing their program, by the year 2029, there will not be any Marriott category 1-5 hotels left…
  • Chase Iberia Credit Card: Since you can get 1 personal and 1 business credit card from Chase on the same day, I have decided to go for this personal credit card. The current sign up bonus is 50,000 Avios after spending $3,000 in 3 months and an additional 25,000 Avios after spending $10,000 in 12 months. The annual fee is $95. I don’t plan on booking any Iberia flights in the near future, so I won’t be able to take advantage of the 10% discount on Iberia flights. I don’t plan on spending much on this credit card after meeting the minimum spend requirement and will close the credit card when the annual fee comes due the following year.

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Help! Can you Convert AARP, Disney, or Amazon to Chase Freedom Credit Card?

Good morning everyone, happy Friday! I need a little help. I am planning my next App-O-Rama (OAR) and want another Chase credit card (or two). Since I am way over 5/24 (some people say LOL/24), I cannot get any of the really good credit cards. According to US Credit Card Guide, theses are the currently available non-5/24 Chase credit cards:

  • Chase British Airways – I received the sign up bonus for this credit card in May 2015
  • Chase IHG – I currently have this credit card
  • Chase Hyatt – I currently have this credit card
  • Chase Fairmont – This credit card is discontinued, so I cannot get this credit card
  • Chase Ritz-Carlton – I recently converted this card into the Chase Marriott Rewards Credit Card
  • Chase Marriott Business
  • Chase Iberia
  • Chase Disney Rewards
  • Chase Disney Premier
  • Chase Amazon Prime
  • Chase AARP

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