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Transfer Times to JetBlue from AMEX Membership Rewards, Citi Thank You Points & Chase Ultimate Rewards

Good morning everyone.  A few days ago, Frequent Miler wrote a post that Citi Thank You Points Transfers to JetBlue were getting better (1,000 : 1,000 transfers), so I wanted to check out transfer times from all the major credit card programs.  I wrote a similar post about Transfer Times to KLM / Air France and Transfer Times to Singapore Airlines.  I tested transfers from American Express Membership Rewards Points, Citi Thank You Points, and Chase Ultimate Rewards Points.  I was going to try a transfer from Marriott Rewards to JetBlue, but the conversion was so bad, I couldn’t do it (see the screenshots below).  JetBlue TrueBlue Points do not have a fixed value and they can range in value from 1 cent up to 2.5 cents, if you find the right redemption.  In some cases, you are better off paying for JetBlue travel than redeeming JetBlue TrueBlue Points.

But with that said, sometimes it makes sense to transfer points into your JetBlue account.  I started with a transfer from American Express Membership Rewards Points since you can transfer in 250 point increments.  Unfortunately, since JetBlue is an American airline, American Express charges a fee for the transfer, either 30 Membership Rewards Points or 15 cents.  The amount of the fee varies depending on the number of points you transfer.

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Track Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses, Annual Fees & 5/24 Score with TravelFreely

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  A few weeks ago, I was in Denver and went to the Front Range Travel Hackers Meetup Group.  At the meetup, I met Zac, the founder of TravelFreely, a website he created to track credit card sign up bonuses (deadlines to complete the minimum spending requirements), track credit card annual fees, calculate your 5/24 Score, and make it easy for you to track your credit cards along with your spouse / companion’s credit cards.  And by the way, the service is completely free and you can set up your account in a few minutes (unless you have 30+ credit cards like me, in which case, it could take a little longer).  Without further ado, here is how TravelFreely works.  To get started, sign up for your free TravelFreely account here.  Enter your name, email address, and click the Get Started button.

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6 Easy Ways to Save on Hotel Bookings

Are you interested in the easiest ways to save on hotel bookings? Here’s another question for you. Hotels or airfare: which do you spend more of your money on? I’m much more concerned about saving money on hotels than I am about saving on air travel. Most, if not all, of my long haul flights are booked on award miles. This means that this year, as has been the case for many years now, I spent way more on hotels than I did on airline tickets. And I also spent way more time in hotels than in the air! Most years I spend over 80 nights in just Hyatt properties alone. When I add in the other hotel nights in other properties, well that’s a lot of money. No matter how many nights YOU spend in hotels, finding some way to save on hotel spending would be nice, don’t you think? Continue reading

A Globalist’s Thoughts on the New Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card

Is the new Chase World of Hyatt Credit Card the fantastic, Hyatt hit-it-out-of-the-ballpark card it’s being touted as? Is it worth the hype? For being able to reach elite status through spend, perhaps. Is it worth both having and using? Well, the signup bonus is indeed generous. As a Hyatt Globalist who has already qualified for Globalist again next year, and as a holder of the Chase Hyatt credit card for many years, I’ve been thinking about the pros and cons of the newest version of this card. Yes, there are cons, too. Continue reading

Cash Payments Will No Longer Be Accepted for Credit Cards at Citi Branches (Effective July 21)

Good afternoon everyone, I’m not sure if this will affect anyone, but I just saw this on my recent Citi Double Cash Credit Card statement.  According to my statement, “Beginning July 21, 2018, cash payments to your credit card will no longer be accepted by bank employees at Citibank branches.”  If you do have cash that you want to use to pay off your Citi credit card, “proprietary Citibank ATMs will accept cash payments up to $3,000 per credit card account per calendar month with your credit card PIN. Call Customer Service to have a PIN mailed to you.

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