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How I Got “Dropped” by Drop… and then Reinstated

After many of us saw our Drop accounts go into the “technical error abyss” for a week (I mean…forever…), I sent drop a Support Ticket inquiring as to what was going on with my account, and why I couldn’t redeem for awards. I also wanted to know what happened to my reward redemptions that never arrived (awards had previously been coming in within a few minutes on all my redemptions).

I received multiple replies ranging from their Reward Processor was having technical difficulties in the US, to they were having issues on their end and they were working on it. I tried reaching out on Twitter and Facebook Messenger as well, and both told me to email their support.

After reading various other responses on various blogs that Drop had changed their Terms and Conditions (T&C) to disallow people from earning points on repeated purchases, I decided to send them an email demanding my points be reinstated. After all, I had done all my purchasing before they had changed their T&C. Continue reading