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Amenity Kits: Are they Useful or Wasteful?

I was putting away my small old leather amenity kit bag from American Airlines and it got me thinking. I use this old one for small plugs and chargers I take when I travel. It’s really, really old and it’s held up super well. I can’t even remember the first amenity kit I ever received but when I look at my old AA one, I realize how much they’ve changed. Some are super big and I use them for things like carrying around an iPad. Over the years, I’ve collected so many of them that when people come and stay at my house, I’ll often put one for them by their bedside as a gift. This gets their visit with me off to a flying start :)

One of my favorite amenity kit type gifts I ever received was a big bag the size of a shopping bag. It was from an Emirates flight and made from a straw-like material and was a fun gift to give to my cousin. I kept my Emirates pajamas for myself! I don’t recall the amenity kit, but when I got off from a Brussels Airlines flight, I was gifted a big box of delicious chocolates. That was a sweet surprise.

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My First Trip to Europe Using Miles & Points (Denver, Houston, Manchester, Dublin, Paris & Frankfurt)

I started this post while I was in Dublin on a ten day trip around Europe, but I never found the time to finish it. Probably due to the fact that I was walking 7-10 miles a day checking out the sites! I primarily used miles/points to book the majority of the travel and lodging, which is detailed below.

My first flight was from DEN (Denver) – HOU (William P. Hobby/Houston) on SW (Southwest) as a positioning flight, which I paid 7.6k miles for, and $5.60. The retail price was $127, so I averaged 1.6 Cents Per Point (CPP), which is pretty average for SW. I Uber’d to IAH (George Bush Intercontinental/Houston) for around $40.

Southwest Plane

Southwest flight from Denver (DEN) to Houston (HOU)

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