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If I Could Only Keep 5 Credit Cards with Annual Fees…

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your weekend is going well.  A few weeks ago, I wrote these 2 posts:

In those posts, I listed all the credit cards that Laura and I have.  I also justified why I paid $4,588 in credit card annual fees in 2019.  Since that post, there have been a few credit card changes (JPMorgan Chase Ritz Carlton Credit Card lost the Visa Infinite Discount Air Benefit and the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card added Lyft and DoorDash benefits).  A few readers commented and other bloggers linked to the top post and shared which credit cards they keep every year.  As part of my 2020 travel resolutions, I said I wanted to reduce the amount I paid in credit card annual fees.  In this theoretical post, here are the 5 credit cards with annual fees that I would keep…

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Keep, Cancel or Convert? US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card ($400 Annual Fee)

Good morning everyone.  As part of my “Keep, Cancel or Convert?” series, I like to evaluate and reevaluate credit (and charge) cards to make sure they still deserve a spot in my wallet.  Last week, I reviewed my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card and Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card.  In today’s post, I will review my US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card, which could be my favorite credit card that I never carry (it is my default credit card in my ApplePay wallet though).

Even though the $400 annual fee for this credit card won’t post until March, I have been mentally thinking over my premium credit cards and seeing if there are ways to save some money on annual fees (read I Paid $4,588 in Credit Card Annual Fees in 2019 & Was it Worth it?).  My December credit card statement closed a few weeks ago and I wondered if I get enough value out of this credit card to justify the annual fee.  In 2019, I earned 66,492 FlexPoints (50,000 FlexPoints came from the sign up bonus) and I only spent $8,229 ($4,500 were required to complete the minimum spending requirement).  I will review the credit card benefits and tell you why I think this credit card is a keeper.

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Success! Airbnb WORKS with US Bank FlexPerks Real-Time Rewards (Special Circumstance?)

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  I had delicious clam chowder in Bodega Bay and then BBQ’d chicken and corn at home.  Last week, I got an email from Airbnb about paying for the second half of an upcoming Airbnb stay in Tahiti.  I don’t use Airbnb very often, but apparently you can split your Airbnb payments into 2 parts (pay half when you reserve your Airbnb and pay the other half a few weeks before you arrive at the Airbnb).  I had a stash of FlexPoints from my US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card and recently enrolled in Real-Time Rewards (for the 500 free FlexPoints).  I was hoping I could redeem my US Bank FlexPoints for 1.5 cents each with Real-Time Rewards to cover the Airbnb payment.  I clicked the Update Payment Details button at the bottom of the email and paid $804.69 with my US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card.

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When Does the Annual Fee, Travel Credits, & Sign Up Bonus Post to the US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card?

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great weekend.  Last Thursday, I got 2 emails from US Bank regarding my credit card statement and a travel credit that posted to my US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card.  I got this credit card in my March App-O-Rama and wrote about Unboxing my US Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Credit Card: Card Art, Brochure & Welcome Letter last month.  I’ve been hard at work meeting the $4,500 minimum spend requirement to get 50,000 US Bank FlexPoints and was hoping the sign up bonus would post on my first credit card statement.  In this post, I will show you when the annual fee posts, when your travel credits will post, and when the sign up bonus will post to your account.

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Unboxing my US Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Credit Card: Card Art, Brochure & Welcome Letter

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope you enjoyed reading my post from this morning: My March Madness App-O-Rama Results: 3 out of 4 Credit Cards Approved.  In that post, I mentioned that I would be doing an unboxing of my new US Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Credit Card.  This credit card has a sign up bonus of 50,000 FlexPoints (worth $750 in flights) after spending $4,500 in 3 months.  This card has a $400 annual fee, but offers $325 in airline travel credits that mostly offset the annual fee.  There are a few other credit card perks that I will go over in this post.  But first, take a look at how beautiful this credit card is.  The card is a thick metal, similar to the Chase Sapphire Reserve Credit Card.  On the front of the credit card, it only shows your full name.  On the back, it has your full name again along with all the other credit card information.  Let me show you the rest of the items that came with this credit card.

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