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Is My Travel Destination Safe?

Have you ever wondered about the danger level in a destination you were visiting? Or how to protect yourself from health threats? Maybe you don’t focus on this type of information when you travel, but still, it’s good to know. Sometimes the scout motto of “be prepared” should come first! Here’s an article that contains useful resources to be aware of and speaks to these very questions of safety and health. And don’t forget to check out our Top Rewards cards to boost your points earning and travel more! And if you stay in hotels when traveling, here’s information about the best way to save money on your hotel stays.

Happy Feet Make For Happy Travels

There’s one essential must-have, must-take-with-me-when-I-travel item that I get tons of questions about. When I wear my Buff people look at me…….and then ask a question. But with Yoga toes, very few people actually see me using them because I’m home or in a hotel room when I use them. Whenever I talk about Yoga toes people are curious.

So let’s answer the most asked question: what’s the big deal about Yoga toes?

First let’s start with some humor. I actually had a woman ask me, “Can’t you just put marbles, or grapes, or something between your toes?” I suppose you could, but my answer to her was, “Why would you want to when you can use Yoga toes?”

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11 Ways to Find Adventure, Have Fun & Stay Healthy While Traveling

When I’m not traveling, drinking coffee, or thinking up and writing posts for TWG, I’m a holistic health and fitness coach. So combining traveling with finding fun, fitness-oriented adventures is my passion. And it keeps me healthy while on the road!  I also talk with many people about how they combine their travels with adventures in fun and fitness. And we all had great ideas.  So whether you travel solo or with family and friends, or whether you travel for work or pleasure, or a combination of both, see what you think of these ideas to upgrade your travel experiences.

1. It’s always great to get ideas from the locals, and in person.

When I’m in a new place, I always stop by the local running shops or sports stores to see what they recommend. Usually they have info not just about running but about biking or swimming pools, as well. Who knows, maybe you’ll join a local running event that you never even knew was happening while you’re visiting!

2. I’m old school when it comes to using maps.

Find a site you want to see that’s far from your accommodations and then plan a walk or bike ride to those sites.  I usually find a coffee house I want to check out that’s far from my lodgings and head there! Continue reading