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PSA: Hyatt Elites–Don’t Forget This Valuable Benefit!

Resort fees, destination fees; call them what you want, they all stink. Hotels have a menu (except we don’t get to pick and choose) of junk fees that are attached to our bills for all kinds of “services and amenities” that used to be complimentary or something we could choose to pay extra for. I don’t think any of us really believe hotel claims about why they’re now adding on these fees. From what I’ve read, it seems like these fees enable hotels to still claim their rates are lower and also pay less to travel agents since commissions are paid based on the base rate, not the total rate.

Some of us though do have a work-around for these fees and I was reminded of this recently when booking a Hyatt hotel. As I was finishing up my booking the total rate for the night seemed so high that I actually noticed it. The taxes and fees came to 20% of the total bill.

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Hyatt’s Fall Promo: Hit the Snooze Button!

Being the Hyatt fan girl here at TWG I take my responsibility of keeping readers up to date on all things Hyatt pretty seriously. But this fall promo……… let’s just say I’m pretty seriously disappointed. Let me lay out Hyatt’s fall promotion and then I’ll tell you why it’s a snoozer.

Promo Offer

The promo time frame is between September 1, 2018 and November 30, 2018. It’s a tiered promotion so the more nights you stay, the more points you’ll earn.  Hyatt offers bonus points for every 5-10 nights you stay at a Hyatt property. Stay five nights, get 2,500 points. After another five nights, get another 5,000 points for a combined total of 7,500. After that you earn between 10,000-25,000 Hyatt points for every 10 nights you stay during those 3 months. Staying 40 nights before the promo ends earns 60,000 bonus points.

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Why I’m Giving the New SPG Luxury Card a Pass

I’ve been on the fence about whether or not to apply for the new Amex SPG Luxury card and I’ve finally decided to pass. I’ve been a long time Amex customer and have had both the SPG personal and business cards for many years. I used them both, and put as much spend on them as I could. For years all my non-bonused spend went on the personal SPG card and the business card saw heavy use, too.

I really appreciated the Sheraton lounge access that came with the business card. SPG was for many years my number one hotel chain and until the SPG/Marriott merger, SPG was always in my top two. I’ve had multiple amazing SPG hotel stays on four continents. I never got to Platinum status but did maintain Gold year after year and always felt my Gold status was acknowledged in many generous ways. The merger with Marriott was not one I would have voted for, but then my vote didn’t count :) My SPG cards came out of my wallet and my last Sheraton stay was 8 months ago. Continue reading

Buy Points Promos: 40% Hyatt Bonus & 100% IHG Bonus Ending Next 24-48 Hours

Good afternoon everyone.  I have 2 buy points promos that are ending in the next 24-48 hours.  The first is with Hyatt.  Hyatt is running a mystery offer where you can buy Hyatt points and get up to a 40% bonus.  This offer ends tomorrow (August 21), so if you need Hyatt points, you need to act fast!  You might be targeted for a higher or lower buy points promo, so check the math to see if it makes sense.

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Hilton, Hyatt, IHG and AAdvantage Points Sale–Expiring Starting Tomorrow!

Seems to me hotel and airline loyalty program points fall into a few different categories. Some points you know you’ll put to great use, and some points you’ll likely use and even have a general travel plan for. And some hotel and airline points you scratch your head and wonder how the heck you’ll use them! Whether or not to buy hotel and airline points when promotions are running depends on which of these three categories the loyalty program falls into. When it comes to Hyatt points, Hilton points, and IHG points, I always have a plan for them!

We have a few hotel points sales going on right now with Hyatt, Hilton, and IHG. The sales expire soon, so take a look if you’re planning some hotel stays and can use these points at a discount. We also have an American Airlines AAdvantage sale going on right now, as well. It’s not the best offer ever. But if you’re tapped out of AA miles like I am after using a huge stash of my miles for my trip to Spain, and need some AA miles for trips you’re planning, a discount, even a small one, is better than paying full price when you need to top off your account. Continue reading