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Plastiq: Schedule 6 Rent / Mortgage Payments & Only Pay 2% Processing Fee (New Users Only)

Good afternoon everyone.  I just received an email from Plastiq regarding a new promotion for paying rent / mortgage payments.  Unfortunately, this promotion is limited to new Plastiq users.  Here are the details of the promo:

  • You must be a new Plastiq user.
  • Schedule 6 Rent/Real Estate payments and you will only pay a 2% Plastiq fee on each payment. (Plastiq fee will be standard for any payments beyond the first 6.)
  • Use any credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club).
  • You must schedule your first payment by May 31, 2018 at 11:59pm ET.
  • You must click this link for the correct code to be applied (I will receive a referral credit – thank you for your support).

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Poll: Is Evolve Money Dead? 3% Fee for Gift Card Payments Next Week

Good evening everyone, a new week, a new Evolve Money enhancement.  Beginning next week (not sure exactly what date that means), gift cards and debit cards from smaller banks (what is considered a small bank?) will be hit with a 3% bill pay fee.

Evolve Money 3 Percent Gift Card Fee

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Gift Card Warning: Check Packaging for Signs of Tampering

Good afternoon everyone, a friend of mine from Irvine (Southern California) sent me the following email about gift card fraud and how the scammers were able to access the gift card information by tampering with the gift card packaging.  Here is his story:

A few days ago, I went to Woodbury Ralphs to get a few VGC’s. I should have been tipped off that something was wrong b/c there were barely any left …. there usually are tons.

But anyway, I grabbed a few and checked out. They all still had the pull tab intact. They all loaded with $500 just fine, without a problem.

Upon calling the 1-800 # to activate two of them, however, the prompts said that the cards could not be activated and to speak to a customer service rep. It turned out that both of the cards were frozen b/c someone had tried to access funds on them (back in October 2014). And thus they were frozen.

I looked carefully at the cards and they were pretty scratched up (one of them had a hair glued on!). A closer inspection of the packaging on the bottom showed that there was a very subtle yellow hue at the bottom of the packages where the scammer had sliced them open and glued them back together again. I have attached photos of this (I slightly adjusted the levels of the picture in Photoshop to enhance the yellow at the bottom, so it’s easier to see (it was barely noticeable in real life).

Gift Card Packaging Slided Open Bottom

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Evolve Money Update: Pay All Bills with Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Credit Cards (3% Fee Applies)

Good morning everyone, Evolve Money sent out an email update this morning regarding changes to their bill pay feature.  In recent months, Evolve Money let you pay all bills with Discover credit cards (link), then a month later, Evolve Money evolved changed and would only let you pay certain bills with a Discover credit card (link).  Today, Evolve Money will let you pay any bill with a Discover credit card, but they added a 3% bill pay fee.  In the process of checking out Evolve Money, I discovered that you could also add Visa and MasterCard credit cards and pay any bills, but the same 3% bill pay fee still applies.

Evolve money Update 2-1-2015

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Evolve Money Adds Discover Credit Cards as Bill Pay Payment Source (Visa and MasterCard Payments Coming in 2015)

Update 6:35PM PST on 11/6/2014: Evolve Money just sent out an email announcing that they will accept Visa and MasterCard payments in 2015.  Scroll to the bottom for more information.

New Evolve Money Logo


Evolve Money Adds Discover Credit Cards as Bill Pay Payment Source

This afternoon, I was browsing around Evolve Money and stumbled onto something new, something BIG.  Evolve Money has partnered with Discover and is now accepting Discover credit cards as a funding source for all Evolve Money bill payments.  It looks like Evolve Money is promoting the Discover It credit card (affiliate style) on their site.  To see the announcement, click here.

Discover Card Partner Evolve Money

When you log into your Evolve Money account, you can manage the cards in your account.  You will see a new box that says Add New Credit Card, followed by the Discover logo.

Evolve Money Pay with Discover Credit Card

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