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The Versatile World of the Packing Cube

Strangely enough, at least strangely to me, is that not everyone uses or is a fan of packing cubes. And I think more often than not most of us would say we love traveling but packing……..not so much. People seem to either pack in a rush close in to departure, or they pack a little at a time perhaps over the course of a few days.

I’m a devoted diehard packing cube user. When like me you’re a packing cube fan and you travel with people who don’t use them, a lot of interesting conversations develop. Mostly the conversations focus on why they don’t use them, why they can’t find what they’re looking for, and how on earth are we going to get that suitcase closed with the messiness and overflow of items. My favorite way to approach this is to make a joke and tell them they are “lacking cubes” when they need packing cubes! Continue reading

The Versatile World of the Buff

We all have shopping lists, right? I’m talking about that list titled “Buy sometime soon” list. Why is it then that for some items “sometime soon” can become years :) That’s where my story of me and my Buff begins. The first time I saw someone wearing a Buff I knew I had to get one. That, however, was so long ago I can’t even recall the year. Every time I saw anyone wearing a Buff I’d yell to them, “Great looking Buff.” And then I’d say to myself, “I gotta get a Buff, too!” Yes, I’m weird, I get that! Finally, on a bitter cold night, December 24th, 2015, in Vancouver, B.C. I bought a Buff. Well I didn’t exactly buy it, Alaska Airlines bought it for me, but that’s another story entirely. The result was the same, though. I finally joined the Buff club and I absolutely love my Buff!

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