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Nationwide Visa Buxx Card Program Shutting Down February 28 (Last Day to Load is January 31)

Good evening everyone, I wish I had better news to share, but I am very sad to let you know that today it was announced that the Nationwide Visa Buxx Card program is shutting down on February 28, 2017 (according to the announcement on their homepage).  You will still be able to reload your Visa Buxx Cards until January 31, 2017, which gives you time for 3 more weekly reloads before the reload deadline.  If you have not spent down the balance on your cards before February 28, the funds will be refunded back to your funding credit card (this refund would void the miles, points, or cash back you would have earned), so you should spend down the balance on your cards before February 28.

This shutdown is not totally unexpected, actually, it has been overdue for quite a long time.  I guess Nationwide finally decided that they were tired of being used for pajama MS.  My only question now is… why did they pick the below image?  Why are both women smiling and looking out the window?  Is Nationwide going to introduce a new product that is superior to the Visa Buxx Card?  It’s unlikely, but it could happen.


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Nationwide Visa Buxx $200 Reload Limit Now Live

Good morning everyone.  A few days ago, Doctor of Credit alerted us to major changes to the Nationwide Visa Buxx reloadable debit card.  The old weekly reload limit was $500 per card, now the new reload limit is $200 per card.  Here are the current reload limits as of 1/12/2016:

Nationwide Buxx New Limits

I logged in to my Nationwide Visa Buxx account and attempted to reload more than $200 to my card.

Nationwide Buxx $200 Limit

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