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Office Depot Boise Paper 2 Cases Rebate ($80 OD/OM Gift Card) Timeline

Last month, Doctor of Credit shared a deal from Office Depot / OfficeMax where you could buy $116 worth of paper for $60 (with coupon) and get an $80 OD/OM Gift Card as a rebate.  I immediately jumped at the offer to spend $60 and get an $80 OD/OM Gift Card, plus I could donate the paper to my girlfriend’s elementary school (win-win).

A few days later, Office Depot changed the terms of the rebate so that you had to buy the paper in-store, not online.  I was waiting and hoping for the best since I had already submitted my rebate before the rebate terms were changed.  I have good news to share.  I purchased 2 cases of paper online, submitted 1 rebate form, and received an $80 OD/OM Gift Card.  In this post, I will document the dates of the rebate.  I purchased the 2 cases of paper on April 10 around 4pm.

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My AMEX Offer Experiences: Google Express ($50 GC for $30) & Office Depot ($50 GC for $40)

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  If you still need to do some holiday shopping, today is a great day to get your shopping done.  Today is Green Monday and many stores are offering deals.  Plus, don’t forget to earn cash back today – Ebates is offering double cash back at 600+ stores today only.  In other news, if you have the Google Express AMEX Offer (spend $50 or more and get a $20 statement credit) or the Office Depot AMEX Offer (spend $50 or more and get a $10 statement credit), I have some data points to share regarding my experiences with those 2 AMEX Offers.  These AMEX Offers came out a few weeks ago, so check your AMEX account to see if you have either of these offers available.  Let’s start with the Google Express AMEX Offer.

Google Express allows you to shop at many different stores (including Staples) and check out once through Google Express.  Luckily for me, Google Express has gift cards for sale through Staples.  I linked the AMEX Offer to a few of my AMEX cards and purchased a few gift cards to give as gifts.

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New Writer Q&A with Will (The Tactical Traveler)

Good morning everyone, here is the third Q&A post from my new writers.  If you missed the first two, I highly recommending reading Tonei’s Q&A and Whitney’s Q&A.  I hope you are all enjoying the extra content this month, I have been very pleased with all the great blog posts and ensuing comments.  Hopefully there will be plenty more to come in the new year as well.  My next Q&A is with my friend Will…

Hello Travel with Grantians…my name is Will and I have agreed to become one of Grant’s new blog contributors! I am going to write under the pen name, The Tactical Traveler.

I met Grant through reading his blog and conversing via email, and eventually met him in person at an FTU (Frequent Traveler University – a travel conference) in Dallas. Grant and I have since become good friends, have traveled together, and met up at multiple travel conferences (Grant even spent the weekend at my house).

Hanging out in Amtrak sleeper car from Denver to San Francisco. Grant (left), Nigel (middle) and Will (right)

Hanging out in Amtrak sleeper car from Denver to San Francisco. Grant (left), Nigel (middle) and Will (right)

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New Chime Card Offers: $5 Off $30 at Office Depot and $3 Off $30 at Gap

Good morning everyone, it’s time to dust off your Chime Card and hit the stores.  There is a new offer for Office Depot ($5 off $30) and Gap ($3 off $30).  There are also offers for Wendy’s, Chili’s, Applebee’s, Moleskine, Herschel Supply Co, Incase, and Books-A-Million.

Chime Card Offers 7-31-2015

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An American Express Credit Card can Make/Save Over $300 from AMEX Offers in One Year

(Hat Tip to Noah @ Money Metagame for the idea)

Good morning from beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.  I am staying at the $80/night Hyatt Place in Scottsdale after an exciting day at the Phoenician Hotel and Resort for the First2Board PHX Sessions.  This morning, I was reading Money Metagame’s article and it got me thinking… how much money have I made/saved using AMEX Offers on 1 AMEX card over the last 12 months?  If you log into your American Express account, click AMEX Offers For You, and click My Savings, you will see all the enrolled offers that you participated in.  I think this list may exclude AMEX Sync Offers, so take that into consideration if you don’t see all your offers.  Here is what I bought and the profit ($/%) per AMEX Offer:

  • Office Depot: $50 Amazon Gift Card = $10 savings (20% free)
  • Whole Foods: $75 loaded to my Clipper Card = $10 savings (13.3% free)
  • Home Depot: $75 Panera Bread Gift Card = $15 savings (20% free)
  • SamsClub.com: $20 Sams Club Gift Card = $20 savings (100% free)
  • Smart & Final: 3 x $50 Southwest Airlines Gift Card = $75 savings (50% free)

Savings from AMEX Offers 1

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