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Maybe You Can’t Avoid Resort Fees, But You Can Pay Less For Your Hotel Room

Resort fees, destination fees; call them what you want, they all stink. Hotels have a menu (except we don’t get to pick and choose) of junk fees that are attached to our bills for all kinds of “services and amenities” that used to be complimentary or something we could choose to pay extra for. I don’t think any of us really believe hotel claims about why they’re now adding on these fees. From what I’ve read, it seems like these fees enable hotels to still claim their rates are lower and also pay less to travel agents since commissions are paid based on the base rate, not the total rate.

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Don’t Check Your Car Rental Rates For a Price Drop: Do This Instead!

Paying more than we need to when we travel can range from embarrassing to downright unnecessary. The holiday season is here and that means lots of travel coming up.The three biggies in travel expenses are airfare, hotels, and car rentals. For two of those I’ve got surefire ways of making sure I don’t overpay. Today’s story is about how what many people do to monitor their car rental rates simply isn’t necessary to get the lowest rate. Continue reading

Are You Overpaying for Hotel Rooms?

Everyone loves a good hotel sale! I don’t know about you but to me, getting a hotel on sale means paying less than you normally would. Sales aren’t everyday events but getting the best price possible on each and every hotel stay can be an every trip event! It’s easy to know if the price you’re paying for your hotel stays is the very lowest price possible. Continue reading