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ICYMI: Travel News Roundup for Friday, April 28, 2017

Here’s all the news that caught my eye this week – let me know if you learn something new!

Airlines + Miles

Starting Monday, Alaska Airlines lounges in Seattle, Portland, and Los Angeles will no longer allow Priority Pass cardholders to bring guests into the lounge. [Travel Codex]

Alaska flights to/from Seattle are moving to Terminal 2 at SFO starting next week. [Flyertalk] They also announced they will be moving both Virgin and Alaska flights to Terminal 7 at JFK later this year, joining their partners British Airways, Qantas, and Icelandair. [Travel Codex]

Gogo bought more capacity on a satellite over the Pacific Ocean, which it will relocate to provide enhanced in-flight wifi coverage for the West Coast, Alaska, Hawaii, and transpacific flights. [Runway Girl Network]

Canadian airline WestJet says it’s going to launch a low-cost carrier. [Cranky Flier] Continue reading

RadPad can Pay your Rent… and your Mortgage

Update 6:45am PST on 2/26/2015: Never mind, according to RadPad, “Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to process rent payments. We have very strict contractual guidelines with our Pay with RadPad partners that do not allow us to process anything else, and we really can’t jeopardize that relationship.”

Good morning everyone, I’m sure everyone has heard of RadPad, right?  It is the latest way to pay your rent with a debit card (free) or credit card (2.99%).  If you looked at RadPad’s home page, you would assume that it is only possible to pay your rent with the service, since the word ‘rent’ is mentioned 6 times on the home page.  But I bet you didn’t know you could pay your mortgage with RadPad too, did you?

Pay Rent with RadPad

Continue reading

Recent Tech Funding: Uber $1.6B, Raise Gift Cards $56M, Shazam $30M, Chime $8M, and RadPad $2M

After moving to the Bay Area, home of the tech startup, I learned about a website called Crunch Base, which is a big database full of information regarding some of the my favorite companies.  You can find information about pretty much any tech company, big or small, new or old, all in one place.  I received an email from them this morning about some recent funding (debt financing, venture funding, etc.) and thought it would be fun to share.

If you want to learn more about the following companies, check out their Crunch Base pages:

Uber Crunch Base 1-22-2015 Continue reading