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PSA: Activate Discover Q2 Cash Back Bonus Categories (Home Improvement Stores & Warehouse Clubs)

Buenos dias everyone,

If you have an eligible Discover card, it’s time to register for the Q2 5% Cashback Bonus categories: Home Improvement and Warehouse Clubs.

Discover's Q2 5% Cashback Bonus categories are Home Improvement Stores and Warehouse Clubs.

Discover’s Q2 5% Cashback Bonus categories are Home Improvement Stores and Warehouse Clubs.

You should have gotten an email from Discover with a one-click registration link, or you can just visit the Discover Cashback Calendar to activate.

Last quarter I bought discounted gift cards at Sam’s Club and Costco for the 5% cash back; I’ll probably spend a decent amount at Home Depot this quarter and then buy gift cards with the rest. I’ll use the cashback earned to buy more gift cards from Discover and sell them for a slightly larger profit.

Do you have plans for your Discover 5% category, or for the cash back you earn? Let me know in the comments.

Developing Story: Sam’s Club Gift Cards Now Adding Shipping Costs ($6.06-$53.83)

(Hat Tip to Manhar for the email)

Good evening everyone.  Earlier today, I read Doctor of Credit’s post about Sam’s Club: Gift Cards Gone AWOL, Credits Posting & More.  It seems like Sam’s Club is having some difficulties handling their AMEX Offer.  Then a few minutes ago, I received an email alerting me to changes in the gift card shopping experience.  It looks like Sam’s Club is now adding shipping costs to orders of Sam’s Club Gift Cards.  That ain’t right!

After adding a $50 Sam’s Club Gift Card to my shopping cart, I entered my zipcode for Northern California and the estimated shipping was $6.06.  Previously, all gift card shipments were free.

Sams Club $50 GC Shipping Added

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Sam’s Club Membership and Complete AMEX Offer Ordering Process

Good morning everyone, this post has a lot of screenshots showing the entire ordering process to complete the SamsClub.com AMEX Offer.  As a refresher, the AMEX Offer will give you a $20 statement credit after spending $20 or more on SamsClub.com (does not work for in-store purchases).

Sams Club AMEX Offer

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Sam’s Club Groupon Membership and Crazy Checkout Experience

Good evening everyone, I just got back from Sam’s Club and have some interesting things to share.  If you not aware, there is currently an AMEX Offer for SamsClub.com where you can get a $20 statement credit after spending $20 or more online.  The offer is pretty good, you basically get 100% cash back if you purchase exactly $20.  Completing the online offer is a bit more challenging.

Sams Club AMEX Offer

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