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Get 3 Months Free with Backblaze Cloud-Based Backup (Ends January 13)

Updated 12pm PT on 1/9: Get 2018 off to a great start! Only four days left to get in on this offer. I like knowing my data is safely and securely backed-up, and Backblaze is the cloud-based system I use.

Maybe you can help me understand something I just don’t get, though I think there really is no answer that would make good sense to me. You see, I’m obsessive about backing up my computer! When I hear about the numbers of people who don’t use an automated backup solution, those statistics baffle me. Especially if you’re someone who travels. Last I read, less than 10% of computer owners use automated backup services on a regular basis.

And while I certainly can understand the confusion that sets in and leads to not being able to make a choice when you look at the automated backup solutions, at some point, you have to settle on one choice. I use Backblaze, and am very glad to recommend them to anyone who asks. I’m thrilled that they are offering a great bonus so you can get on the Backblaze bandwagon! Here’s the deal: you’ll get your trial month free and then if you purchase the monthly or yearly plan, you’ll get 3 bonus months of cloud-based backup as well. That’s four months free. I’ll get 3 months bonus as well when you use my refer-a-friend link!

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