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Do You Use An Affinity Reward Credit Card? Here’s a Better Option!

I swear this happened the other day because I could not make this stuff up, even if I tried. And it’s by far the number one mistake people make in gathering miles and points. I’m in line to pay for groceries and the man in front of me pulls out a credit card to pay for his items. I have a curious nature, so I always look to see what credit card people use for their expenses. I contorted my body in several different directions in order to catch the name on the card and it was a, drum roll please… TJ Maxx Credit Card. Who knew TJ Maxx even had a credit card? And I’m not judging people who shop at TJ Maxx. Observing this man using his TJ Maxx Credit Card at a grocery store reminded me of all the other friends and family members I have who use these affinity cards. Using affinity cards doesn’t make sense if the goal is to travel more for less. Credit cards that accrue flexible points and miles so they can be used on various airlines and at multiple hotel chains makes much much much better sense! Continue reading

Will you Go for the Southwest Airlines A-List Status Match?

Anytime a status match is offered, like the one Southwest is offering right now, if it works for you, it’s a sweet deal.  For a 90-day promotional period, Southwest is offering a status match to their A-List status. Then fly three roundtrip (or 6 one-way) flights within those 90 days and you’ll receive A-List status for a year.  If you have elite status on any other US-based airline, you’ll qualify for this match. A-List status perks include priority check-in, security and boarding, free same-day changes, and a 25% earning bonus for SWA Rapid Rewards points.

A-List Benefits – Photo: Southwest Airline

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Buy Miles/Points Promos Ending May 31 to June 7: American, Frontier, Spirit, Southwest, Choice, Hilton, IHG & SPG

Good afternoon everyone.  I recently updated my Buy Miles/Points Page and I wanted to let everyone know that there are several buy miles/points promos ending in the next few days (May 31 through June 7).  If you are short on miles and points for your next award, now might be the best time to buy some miles and points.  Here are the deals, sorted by the end date of the promo:

If you need any other miles and points, check out the Buy Miles/Points Page.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

Buy Miles/Points Promos Ending May 31: American, Southwest, Spirit, IHG & SPG

Good morning everyone.  If you are short on miles and points, sometimes it can make sense to buy miles and points to top up your account balance so you have enough miles or points for a redemption.  If you are looking for American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, IHG or SPG miles/points, you are in luck.  All of these loyalty programs are offering promotions when you buy miles/points, but they all end May 31.  If you are interested in any other buy miles or points promotions, I keep an up-to-date list here.  Here is a quick rundown of each promo:

American Airlines is offering a tiered discount.  Depending on the number of American Airlines AAdvantage miles you buy, you can get a 5-35% discount.  Depending on the number of miles you buy and the discount you get, the price of miles varies with a low of 1.92 cents per mile.

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Travel Hacking Mistakes WE Still Make

In life, there’s always room for improvement, that’s for sure. And that holds true for the travel hacking world that each of us creates. Talking about mistakes we make is never an easy conversation, but Grant and I had it anyway. Whether the mistakes are the once-and-we’ll-never-do-that-again type, or those reoccurring mistakes that we seem to make over and over again, shedding light on the mistakes helps us think through what we’re doing and perhaps more importantly, what those mistakes might be costing us in the way of miles and points. After admitting our mistakes and deciding to share them with you, Grant and I had a good laugh about it all. Then he went back to enjoying his chai latte and I finished off my cortado, and of course we vowed to wipe the slate clean and not make the same mistakes again.

Grant felt that maybe searching and booking award flights and hotels too far out is a mistake because there are often good deals if you wait to the very last minute. Continue reading