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Marriott’s NEW Free Night Award Chart is Live!

Keeping track of Marriott’s free night awards just got easier! Take a wild guess how many hotels are now in the Marriott Rewards program? I was way off. Marriott Rewards combined program brings together 6,700 hotels. That’s a lot of hotels to keep track of.

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Which Password Do You Use to Sign Into Your New Marriott Account?

Over the weekend I received a bunch of calls and emails from friends and family members telling me they couldn’t sign in to their newly combined Marriott account. If it had only been one or two people I might not have thought much about it. But with this much confusion going on I wanted to dig deeper and see what the issue was.

I hadn’t logged into my own account for a few days, and sure enough when logging into my account after a few failed attempts I realized what the issue was. I’m sharing this just in case you or someone you know is having trouble or is confused. You may want to grab a shot of espresso because this is confusing.

Marriott/SPG linking accounts instructions

Is anyone else confused by this??

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How to Combine SPG & Marriott Accounts (Points, Lifetime Status & Free Night Certificates)

Good morning everyone, happy Friday!  I’m not a huge fan of SPG or Marriott and didn’t give too much thought to choosing a reward package, so I’m far from an expert when it comes to the SPG / Marriott merger.  But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night…  But I did just combine my old SPG / new Marriott account with my existing Marriott account, so I wanted to show you the steps and share some of the interesting things about the combination process.  First thing first, I signed into my new Marriott account (old SPG account) and it shows that I have 3,495 Marriott Rewards Points, which sounds right, since I did have 1,165 SPG Points in my account.  It also shows 2 “Standard Redemption Rate” awards – I’m not sure what those are, but I think they are related to my 2 SPG award stays booked on July 11.

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Marriott Rewards Travel Package Update

Marriott Rewards official launch day for combining Marriott and Starwood programs came and went, but not without controversy around its Travel Packages. At first Marriott disallowed changes to their Travel Packages and members who had Travel Packages were, to say the least, frustrated by the way Marriott had been communicating all along and especially during the launch period.

Fortunately for Marriott and its members holding Travel Packages, the main two issues have been resolved. Continue reading

Marriott Rewards: New Program Launch Day is Here!

Though the talk about Marriott and its new combined hotel rewards program has been going hot and heavy all summer, the day is finally here when the new program will finally launch. The combined program will launch tomorrow, August 18. I hope everyone who wanted to book hotels before the rates went up has already done so!

No one has covered this news better and given us easier to understand rewards points lists more than Ric over at Loyalty Traveler. If you’re still confused or need the most up to date information on Marriott’s 8 hotel categories and the hotel point increases, head over here.

One aspect of all combined program I’ve thought about, having been an SPG loyalist for years but not much of a Marriott customer, was how much I’d be affected by this merger. I took a look at the Marriott stays I had booked and decided to pay with cash instead of points. It’s a better value for me because I use Pruvo and never overpay for my hotel stays and also because I use my Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit and reduce my out-of-pocket costs that way, as well. It’s always good to let math be your friend and see whether points or cash gets you the best value.

Were you able to book some of your favorite Marriott hotels before the prices in points increase tomorrow?