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Jet Lag: How I Beat It And How You Can, Too!

Jet lag is a subject I find myself talking about. Perhaps it’s because coincidentally I have two friends who both returned from trips to Asia and are suffering through some serious jet lag right now.  Recently I had a travel experience I’ve never had before……..an easy jet lag! I mean like no jet lag after a long travel day of three flights and a 16 hour time difference. It was really something, and I realized a few important things.

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Toilet Signage Around The World: Helpful or Confusing?

Is a picture worth 1000 words? Maybe yes and maybe no. Pictures, after all, are open to many interpretations. Some situations just don’t lend themselves to words. Apparently the world is in a transitional toilet state. Toilet signs used in bathrooms are one of those situations where pictures make more sense than words. Yet communication, local custom, and issues of public health intersect making even the best toilet sign complicated to understand. Continue reading

How Organic is Organic Coffee?

As you enjoy your weekend morning coffee, or depending on your time zone maybe that’s your afternoon espresso, or even your post dinner digestive beverage also known as espresso, here’s an interesting story. When I travel I seek out one-off locally owned coffee houses. When I talk with the owners I’m often told that their coffee beans are indeed organic, and the conditions on the coffee farms are indeed “sustainable” but that they as shop owners, as well as the coffee farmers, don’t have the funds to get all the necessary certificates to say so. This article delves into whether it’s really possible to even monitor conditions for all these certifications. See what you think. Are you buying only sustainable-certified coffee?